RE Summer Term 2021


This term in Reception the children have been exploring ‘The Lion StoryTeller Bible’. Everyone enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations in this Bible, and have listened to several of the Christian stories. A favourite was ‘A Special Promise’ that tells the story of Noah, his ark and an exciting rainbow. The children really enjoyed talking about the different stories and retelling them with their friends.

Year 1

This term in Year One, the children have been looking at a variety of different religious stories. We have retold the story of The Good Samaritan and made sure to order it correctly. We then looked at the story of Passover and Moses and the children were able to make puppets to re-enact the story. We also listened to the story of Rama and Sita and the children found out about the Diwali Festival.

Year 2

In Year 2, the children have been learning about Islam. They looked at pictures of mosques and prayer rituals. They talked about who is part of their own community, and wrote their own rules that they thought would make the world a better place. 

The children have also looked at a variety if religions as part of a philosophy focus, listening to videos from Ian Gardner and Marsha Parker about why people have different ideas of God. The children thought about morals, and if different scenarios were right or wrong, and sorted similarities and differences between religions. They ended their RE learning this year by drawing their own Rangoli patterns on the playground!

Summer 2 in Reception 2021

This half term, we have been learning all about continents!

We started the topic by looking at Google Earth and searching for places that we were familiar with. We zoomed in on our school and enjoyed seeing the playground and field from up above! We learnt that there are 7 continents and 5 oceans.

The first continent we looked at was Oceania, sometimes called Australasia. We looked at the Great Barrier Reef and talked about how we could look after the ocean and the planet. We learnt the names of some sea creatures that live there, and found out some facts about them. The children had a go at some bubble paintings and experimented with blowing bubbles in watery paint to create a sea effect picture. We also did a Science experiment where we tested various objects to see if they would float on water with no salt, a bit of salt and a lot of salt!

Our next continent was Antarctica! We found out that no humans live there, they only go for a short while to do scientific research. We learnt about how cold Antarctica is through exploring ice in the tuff spot and looked at animals that live there and how they survive in the cold. We also found out some facts using non-fiction books.

We then learnt about the continent of Europe. We looked at some of the landmarks around Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and Loch Ness. We also looked at the United Kingdom and the countries that make up the UK. We have also been talking about the football and the Euro 2021 Championships! The children have been playing a small world football game, looking at flags from the different countries and had a go at making their own to take home and wave!

DT Summer 2021

In Reception, the children have continued developing their creative skills and designing abilities. The children have been taking time over their thought processes of what they are making and deciding what the best way to achieve something has been. Through their independent junk modelling and play, the children have expored the best resources to use to have the desired outcome. The children have also began to follow more complex instructions when designing and building, and have had lots of fun making paper aeroplanes to race!  


In Year 1 the children have used their design and creating skills in RE to create stain glass cross. The children experimented with seeing what colours they enjoyed most held up to the light and made their decisions with that in mind. In Year 2 the children have explored different mediums of creating a designed piece. They have explored collage to create a flag, during which they discussed and thought about the different texture of material that they wanted to use to help create their work. They have make junk model pictures of the ocean in SAW week, designing their picture first and then creating. They then evaluated their pictures and thought about what they would do differently next time. The children in year 2 also had the chance to explore the medium of clay and make sculptures of their hands, which they then painted.  

South America Day with visitor, Summer 2021

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Janet at the end of term, to consolidate our learning about South America, Central America and the Mayans, during the year. We built on our guided reading lessons, where we learnt about the significance of the corn gods and rain gods in Mayan culture. We replicated these traditions in our dance. Our knowledge of the hierarchy in Mayan society was excitingly challenged; we watched our friends and gave feedback, saying who we thought they were representing in society, looking carefully at their body movements and gestures. Finally, our knowledge of rainforest life and animal habitats in the various rainforest layers, helped us to explore new movements in our animal dance. We also had an enjoyable carousel of activities, writing leaf poems, making masks and dancing.

DT Summer 2021

Year 5 have been learning about recycling this half term. We used the opportunity to convey the plight of plastics in the oceans, through our DT sewing lessons.

Having seen several images of plastic in the ocean, we carefully designed our work, thinking of the materials we would need and for what purpose.

To frame our work and avoid fraying, we made a cross stitch border. Long running stitches represented the water and waves. French knots and beads were used to attach our fish and other creatures. We used stem stitch and chain stitch to create plant stems and felt for coral and rocks.

Every piece of work incorporated an element of plastic in their design. Satsuma nets, trapping fish or plastic bags and bubble wrap entwining the creatures.

We gave each other some constructive feedback, as we evaluated and reflected on our finished pieces.

Geography Summer 2021



The Reception children created story maps for the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

In Summer 2, Reception children found out about different continents, as part of the topic “Around the world”. When studying Europe, children looked at photographs of famous landmarks, were introduced to the countries in the UK, linked learning to the Euro 2020 football championships, and made flags.

Work on Antarctica included finding out about the climate and animals that live there, exploring google Earth to see what it looked like, exploring ice in the water tray, finding out facts using non fiction books, and playing with small world animals of Antarctica.

Year 1

Year one studied the topic “Our planet and beyond” in Spring 2 and Summer 1. They talked about the features of earth, including trees, rivers, seas, sky and clouds. Work also included investigating space.

Year 2

Year two studied the topic “Art around the world” in Spring 2, and the first half of the Summer term. They continued to build on knowledge of Antarctica from year one, considering how the animals adapt to the climate, then packed a back pack for the journey. Sessions included finding out about Africa, Australasia, South and North America, and Egypt. Children completed a variety of activites, including listening to the sounds in the Amazon rainforest and drawing what they heard. Once the topic was complete, children recorded their learning, as shown below.

History Summer 2021


Reception children continue to talk about their own experiences of events. They act out scenarios which demonstrate their knowledge of the past. For example, a child may build a bus, role play the journey, then discuss bus trips they have completed with family members.


Year One

During the Summer term, year one children studied artefacts from the past, as part of the topic “Step back in time”. They learnt about different periods in history including the Victorian era and cave paintings. They also found out about significant people, including William Shakespeare and the Beatles band, as part of their cross- curricular work.

Year Two

As part of the topic “Art around the world”, year two children were introduced to the Egyptians. The children attempted to copy hieroglyphic symbols, which were used by the Egyptians.

Wellbeing Week June 2021


The reception children have thoroughly enjoyed their wellbeing/sports week! They started the week with a visit from Ellise who gave us some activities to do for a ‘day of calm.’ They learnt how to do deep breathing and hand breathing, and also did a listening activity where they had to focus on the sound of a chime. The next day they learnt all about bees and some of the children made hives to take home to hang up. They have also enjoyed playing some parachute games such as cat and mouse, having a boogie underneath in ‘I like to move it’, and running underneath to switch places. The mushroom we made at the end was fun too! We had fun on Wednesday at team day, earning points as a team trying different sports activities and on Thursday the children took part in ‘sports day’ led by Mr Mann, where they had a go at running different races and throwing javelins. On Friday, they spent some time doing yoga and some colouring in while listening to some relaxing music.

Year 1

Year 1 began the week with ‘A Day of Calm’ activities with Mrs Owen from the Dereham and West Norwich School Sports Partnership. Children were able to do this in their classes.

We thought about designing a calming garden to attract the bees. Part of our learning for this was to learn about how bees collect the nectar from flowers and bring it back to their hive. The children played a fun game to demonstrate this using coloured water for nectar and pipettes to extract the nectar and carry it back to the hive. We found out a lot of information about bees and what they liked and tried to include this in our design. We also did a collaborative mindfulness colouring of a giant bee.

We also had great fun learning a new team game of throw rounders. The children picked up the rules quickly and some children were able to think in a tactical way.

Mr Mann and his colleagues from The School Sports Partnership joined us on Thursday for some sports activities

Year 2

On Monday, Ellise Owen came in to teach the children strategies to keep calm, breathing strategies and some Tai-Chi movements. They also did some chime listening to heighten their listening sense.

The children all entered the BBC Radio 2 Design a Bee Garden competition. We were impressed with how detailed the children completed their designs and some of them were keen to include some of the aspects in their own gardens.

During the latter parts of the week, the children enjoyed playing a variety of different games and team building activities. This included trying to get their team across shark-infested waters with just 2 mats and lots of obstacles to overcome. They used excellent communication skills. The children enjoyed a visit from the West Norwich and Dereham Schools Sports Partnership who ran a mini sports day. The week ended with the children partaking in a variety of physical activities and such a lots of fun with parachute games!