Autumn Term 2021 – Infant School Gardening Club

Autumn is here once again and how lucky we feel to be able to invite Mrs Reeve back into the infant school to help us with our gardening club! The children in year 1 & 2 have been fantastic gardeners over the last few weeks working incredibly hard every Wednesday to prepare the raised beds for the spring.

On arriving back in September we were very excited to see the sunflowers, nasturtiums and cosmos still in bloom, and we also picked the last of the tomatoes and courgettes that we had planted in the summer term. One big job was harvesting the huge quantity of apples and pears that have been growing in our mini orchard. The children managed to fill 4 or 5 large containers and these were distributed around the school for snack time. Very tasty!

October has brought mixed weather but this has not put off our young gardeners who have been out in their wellies, weeding, planting spring bulbs, garlic and winter flowering pansies. As the colder months arrive we shall all take a rest and look forward to seeing what the spring brings.

Autumn Term 2019 – Gardening Club at the Infant School

Gardening Club has spent lots of time weeding and tidying up the raised beds this Autumn.   We admired the sunflowers and squashes, and dug up the potatoes and onions.  The next task was to pick the apples and pears in our growing orchard area.   This took several sessions as there was so much fruit!  The children tried the apples, and Year One used some when making their apple crumbles as part of the Harvest Festival activities in class.

Finally we began to look forwards to the new season.  We planted some garlic, and potted some prepared hyacinths for the children to take home for Christmas!

Time for a rest before the Spring time is upon us!

Gardening Club – Spring 2019

During the spring term, the children installed a small pond and planted some wild flowers around it. They were so excited when a frog decided to lay her eggs and now we have tiny tadpoles!

To attract bees and add colour to the garden, the children planted dahlias, sunflowers and other summer flowers.

The bug hotel is still in its infancy but the children have collected twigs and other dried plant matter to create homes for mini-beasts. We just need a few more wooden pallets to complete it. If anyone could kindly donate some, we would appreciate that.

In the vegetable beds, the children have been very busy planting leeks, shallots, onions (some have already been used in cooking club), spring onions, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, spinach, beans and lettuce. We hope the pesky pigeons don’t eat all the plants during half term!

After all that planting, we are very short of compost. If anyone has any spare they wouldn’t mind donating, we’d be very grateful.

At lunch times, children from CP3 and FB3 have been supported by some keen, green fingered Yr6s. This has been a great opportunity for them to share their knowledge and skills with the younger children.

We are certainly looking forward to harvest time where we can sample all of the produce.

Spring Term 2019 – Gardening Club News

Gardening Club at the Infant School started up again at half term, and the gardeners have been very busy and enthusiastic when weeding the raised beds.  The strawberry plants now look much happier, and hopefully we will see some fruit later in the summer.  We have planted onion sets, garlic and potatoes and have noticed that the onions and garlic are already growing well.

We have also enjoyed the beautiful daffodils and tulips that the Autumn Term gardeners planted in our flower bed.  There have been lots of compliments from children and adults about how lovely they look.  Worth the wait!

Most of our fruit trees are growing, although not all of the ones we planted last year have survived the winter.  We are looking forward to seeing them blossom and grow during the summer.