Important information about COVID 19 for all families

Dear parents/carers

Please read carefully the attached information on testing that has come directly from the Department for Education, the NHS, the Government and Public Health England.

The message is clear:

If anyone in your household has any of the three main symptoms, then the whole family and any support bubble has to isolate. It is not just the person with symptoms that has to isolate. This isolation happens until a negative test is received. Any person showing symptoms must get a test and everyone in the household isolates until a negative test is received. Only those with symptoms book a test.

Sadly this week school staff have had verbal abuse from some families when we have shared this information with them and this is not acceptable. We have been told this is all ‘nonsense’, it is inconvenient, it is only a cold and temperature, we are discriminating against families, it is all ‘over the top’. We have also been told that people cannot isolate because they need to go to work, pop to the shops etc and once won’t hurt. These are just a few of the comments we have had.

We know it is inconvenient to have to isolate, we know it is difficult to book a test, we know some families may find someone in the family always has some symptoms, we know you may have to isolate more than once. However, these are the rules and they are there for a reason.

What we are doing is clear:

Following the guidelines set out by the Government to try to play our part in limiting the spread of COVID 19.

We are also trying to keep our schools open. We have so many systems in place to make it safe, but we have to be able to rely on our families to do the right thing for all of the children, staff and families in our Federation.

Therefore, please help us to keep everyone as safe as possible by following the Government rules about when to get a test and when to isolate. If you as a parent/carer have a symptom, do not send your children to school. If anyone in your family shows symptoms, please follow the guidance, stay at home and book a test. We have many families who have vulnerable family members, children who are having hospital treatment, staff with medical vulnerabilities and by following the rules we can keep them all as safe as possible and keep our schools open.

We are so fortunate to have the support of families in following the rules, wearing masks at drop off and pick up, and doing all we have asked to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are truly grateful for that.

Please note if you are contacted by test and trace as you have had contact with someone who has tested positive, they will give clear instruction and this will be to isolate for 14 days. You only then have a test if symptoms show.

Please do read carefully the attached guidance.

Best wishes

Joanna Pedlow

Information about the wider reopening of Schools

Dear Parents/Carers

After the Prime Minister’s announcement about a wider reopening of schools to some children, we have been working our way through the guidance and trying to see how we can do this safely for everyone. Meetings and discussions have taken place with Senior Leaders, staff and the Governing Board. Our priority is to ensure that our environment is as safe as possible for a wider opening, and that we have adapted our school environment to reduce as far as possible the risk of infection to everyone who comes into our buildings.

The Governing Board have agreed that we need to have a cautious and sensible approach for everyone in the school community, our children, their families, our staff and any others we may come into contact with. The parental survey indicated very few parents would be considering sending their child back on wider opening. We respect this decision and feel you must do the right thing for your child and family.

The guidance from the Government and other bodies has been very slow to arrive and has changed constantly over time. We had guidance from the Government, the unions and the local authority and it does not always give the same message. Therefore, it has taken quite some time to ensure we had the correct information to share with you and had followed a thorough process before sharing.

In short, looking at everything that is expected of us as a Federation, the staff, the children, the parents and all the guidance and legislation issued, along with our specific risk assessment, the Governing Board have made the following decisions.

  • No wider opening will take place on the 1st June. We expect key worker requests will continue to increase, and the Government says that we have to prioritise these first. These will be limited, so if after reading the guidance you feel you may need a key worker space, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we can see if we can offer this. Please see the attached information specifically for key worker spaces and regulations. Please note that if your child needs key worker provision they cannot be in with their year group as we are not allowed to mix children in different bubbles.
  • We will not include Reception as part of our wider opening. Having looked at all of the requirements on us, and the way we would have to work, the decision has been made that it would be inappropriate for Reception children to be in school at this time. If you read through the measures we have to have in place, we hope you will understand why. It cannot be the rich, play based environment they are used to and they would not have their own teacher or classroom.
  • We will start our wider opening for Year 6 only.This will be no sooner than the week commencing 8th June, but we will have direct contact with those parents/carers to give a firm date, as it depends if there are changes to guidance, if we have had delivery of PPE, if we have enough staff. If you read further you will see the measures we have to have in place.
  • We will then review how the Year 6 process has worked, and we will then consider wider opening to year 1.We cannot give an exact date for this, as it depends on when we invite Year 6 and when we feel confident to extend the opening to Year 1, who are one of the Government priority year groups. Please note that this will only be four days a week to allow a thorough clean to take place. It is most likely it will be Monday to Thursday for Year 6, but we will let you know.

It is unlikely we will be able to open further than this before the summer holidays, but we will keep it under review and keep you informed. We retain our commitment to providing home learning for all other children during this time, in line with available resources, including staffing.

We want to be open and honest with you, our families, as we have been from the beginning. Some have said they could not answer the survey sent to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as quite rightly, they wanted more information to make an informed decision. Equally, some feel there has been too much information, and view the messages as being negative, which is never our intention. Please be assured that we are trying to ensure we share with you the information we have so you can make the right choice for your family.

The decision to send your child or not remains yours. There will be no action or fines put in place at this time for parents/carers who make the decision for their child to stay at home. We know parents all over the country, including our staff, are having to make this decision. Whatever you decide, that is fine.

If you do decide to send your child, they have to come every day. You cannot say no and expect a place at a later date, as we need to organise the bubbles (see below), the staffing and the available spaces. There may not be a space at a later date. Children need to attend every day the provision is open if they accept a place, unless they are unwell or isolating.

As much as we would love to see all of our children, we know we can’t. But please know we miss them and look forward to when this is possible. The schools are not schools without all of our children being here.

Year 6 parents will be sent a further survey this week asking yes or no to sending their child to school having considered the information shared. We will look at replies on 1st June and contact parents after this. This will give you just over a week to consider your decision. You will not be able to bring or send a child if you have not had a space confirmed.

Further information to help make an informed decision about if your child attends school as part of a wider opening

In order to maintain the social distancing and other requirements, we have to do many things, none of which are how we would normally operate.The following information is shared in response to parents/carers requesting full information before a decision is made. These procedures come from the risk assessment we had to complete and the guidance we have been given to follow.

Arrival and departure from school

  1. Parents will not be allowed onto the site. They will have to maintain social distancing by queuing outside on the pavement, at 2 metre intervals, and they will need to ensure they keep their child with them.
  2. Start and finish times will be staggered. We cannot give exact timings yet as we need to know how many pupils will be coming first. You will have to stick to your allocated start and finish time and should not arrive to the site more than five minutes before to maintain social distancing. This is the same for collection. Children must arrive on their given time slot, we cannot have children arriving part way through.
  3. Parents and carers must make sure their child stays with them for the entire journey to and from school.Children should not run ahead or mix with friends, and parents/carers must observe a social distance from other parents/carers and children on their way to school.
  4. If Year 6 walk alone, the parents/carers must ensure they know they are not to meet friends and walk together on the way to or from school, and they cannot go to the park etc on their way. They must come straight to school for their allocated start time, and not before.
  5. Staff will meet the children and they will queue at a social distance on the playground or other muster point before being walked into school, maintaining that 2 metre distance.
  6. Bikes, scooters etc MUST NOT be brought to school under any circumstances. Children must walk or be brought by parents.We have also been told to inform parents not to use public transport unless necessary, and to wear a face mask if they do.
  7. On arrival and departure, children will be expected to wash their hands.
  8. No bags should be brought to school. No pencil cases should be brought to school. Children may only bring a packed lunch in a hard plastic lunch box, which must be washed very night, a water bottle and a bottle of hand sanitiser if required. A packet of tissues and a bottle of hand soap may be useful.Hand sanitiser and soap can be left in school, so send them on the first day, clearly labelled.
  9. The school day will be shorter to allow for a clean at the end of the day
  10. Only one adult is allowed to accompany a child to school or collect.You should not bring other children if possible, but if you have no choice you have to keep them with you, the whole family has to walk together.
  11. If your child is in Year 6 and walks to or from school alone, and usually brings a phone, please note we cannot handle them or look after them as we usually would, so they bring this at their own risk as it would need to remain on a table in the classroom, to minimise the risk of cross contamination between homes and children.
  12. The guidance says if someone in your house is clinically vulnerable or shielding then they should not bring a child to school.
  13. If a child arrives at the gates and refuses to come in for any reason, we will not be able to support them to come in as we have to maintain social distancing.You would need to take them home and maybe try the following day.

Groupings in school.This is what guidance says to do to maintain safety as far as possible, and what our context requires.

  1. Reduce class sizes. The Government say no more than 15 per room, but we cannot fit in 15 and maintain social distancing. We can only fit in between 7 and 10, depending on class size. The classes have been marked out in 2m squares and each child is allocated a space and a table of their own. They will use this table every day. They will keep their lunch boxes, water bottles and sanitiser on the tables.
  2. Have planned toilet breaks to ensure there is only one child at a time in the toilets and others wait at a social distance. We know this may be difficult for some children and it is equally difficult to ensure when we have a limited number of facilities and children who will be in different class bases.
  3. Keep children in a ‘bubble’ to reduce the risk of infection. What this means is that we will be allocating each child to a ‘bubble.’ They will stay in this bubble all day. They will not mix with other children from other bubbles at any point, and they will not mix within the bubble. Children will be allocated to a bubble and there is no parental or child choice in this. We will be allocating for a list to ensure we know who has been in contact with who, so if there was a case, we can track the contacts made and put the measures in place that are required.
  4. Allocate staff to a bubble.This means children will not be taught by their own teacher or be in their own classroom. We aim to keep the staff consistent in each bubble. Children cannot change bubbles.


  1. The children will eat lunch in their own bubbles. No hot lunches will be available, only a school packed lunch which will only have a set menu. The lunches will be delivered to the door.
  2. Lunch should be brought in a hard plastic lunch box.Normal school lunch rules apply
  3. Lunch break will be shortened

Arrangements in class

  1. Each child will have an allocated table in a 2 metre square, marked with tape.
  2. Each child will have a wallet of allocated resources, eg stationery.They will be the only person to use this
  3. Books will not be marked in accordance with current guidance
  4. There will be planned toilet breaks for each bubble.Only one child can be in each toilet at a time
  5. There will be a limited curriculum in line with what can be offered.It will most likely mirror the on line learning we share as staff will still need to try to deliver this for those who do not come.
  6. We are expected to teach the children infection control education in an age appropriate way.The Government says that ‘we are to encourage pupils to become advocates for disease prevention and control at home, in school and in their wider community by talking to others about how to prevent the spread.’
  7. All soft furnishings and toys that cannot be easily washed or could be put in the mouth have been removed.
  8. Children are not allowed to share equipment.

First Aid

  1. Guidance says we should avoid close contact in the first instance.We should consider minor injuries where we might be able to instruct a child as to what they need to do in line with their age, eg wipe a cut, put on a plaster.
  2. If closer contact is needed for symptomatic or non symptomatic children, we have to wear the following PPE: disposable gloves, plastic apron, fluid repellent surgical mask, visor.

Other measures for first aid and symptoms

  1. We will take temperatures throughout the day using an infra red thermometer.If a child has a temperature, they will sit in the isolation room and you will have to collect them immediately.
  2. If a child has any symptoms they will sit in the isolation room and you will have to collect them immediately.
  3. Once taken home, even if a parent feels a child is well, they have to isolate for the given time, along with others in the household.
  4. If there is a confirmed case, we have to follow the instructions in the guidance.If this happens we will let you know what this is as it changes over time. We would let everyone know who had been in the bubble with the child.

Other things to take into consideration

  1. Social distancing is maintained at all times, including in the corridors and when outside.This means children cannot play collaboratively or interact in the usual way.
  2. Governors have agreed that if confidence is increased by doing so, staff may wear a mask. Some children may find this unusual, so please prepare your child for this.
  3. Personal items other than those permitted are not allowed in school.
  4. Children will most likely not be in their own classroom, or with their own teacher. They may also not be in their own building.
  5. Children, as staff do, should wear a totally clean and freshly washed set of clothes to school every day.They must not wear clothes from a previous day unless they have been washed. When they get home, clothes should be taken off and put in the washing machine.
  6. No PE kit or other clothes should be brought to school, but if your child may have a toileting accident, then please supply a spare set to be kept in the office.
  7. If your child has medication usually in school, they will need to bring it with them to be kept in school.We aim to avoid things transferring between home and school.
  8. If you need to speak to someone in the office, you must ring the office and not come in person.
  9. There will be no face to face meetings with staff and no opportunity to discuss things at drop off or collection.
  10. Spaces may change, eg location of bubbles, if deep cleans are required or there are any issues with that area.
  11. Children who need key worker provision at any time cannot join the year group provision as we have to keep bubbles separate.
  12. We will be adding to our behaviour policy as required around specific behaviour procedures during this time.Any child whose behaviour could be detrimental to the safety of others, eg spitting, coughing on someone, scratching etc will not be allowed to attend and will have to be collected. The safety of everyone is vital.
  13. The Governors have agreed that for the safety of staff and others, any child who has a risk assessment that shows they pose a high risk due to documented previous behaviours that could spread the disease (eg spitting, biting), or would require physical handling or would be unable to practise safe social distancing cannot attend school at this time.

Cleaning procedures

We have enhanced cleaning in place to minimise risk as far as possible.

  1. Each school has been ‘fogged’ which sanitises the environment
  2. Staff clean door handles, touch plates etc hourly and all desks are sanitised at the beginning and end of the day.
  3. Classes and other areas are cleaned at the end of the day
  4. Hand soap and sanitisers are available in every room

With best wishes

Joanna Pedlow (Headteacher) and Jill Smith (Chair of Governors)

Prime Minister’s Announcement 10th May 2020

Dear parents/carers

The prime minister has just made yet another announcement which schools heard of when you did. We had no prior warning in what he was about to say.

He said that if all the indicators are as they need to be they ‘may’ consider Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returning after May half term. That was not definite, it was a may. But those words will understandably raise both expectations and anxieties amongst parents/carers, families and children.

We know you will have many questions about this, but we, like you, have only just seen the announcement so we cannot answer all of your questions. We are waiting to receive more information from the government about what this means for our children and families.

If we had to have all of the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, that makes 270 children. Social distancing rules are still in place currently. The most children we can fit in with social distancing is 8-10 in each classroom. There are many other additional complications to consider. All children in Reception and Year 1 are brought to school by an adult, who will also often have with them other brothers and sisters. That would make possibly around 450 plus people coming to the schools at the beginning and end of the day. How would you socially distance those people on their journey to and from school. Those are just some initial thoughts to consider, there are many more.

If your child is in one of those year groups, please don’t automatically assume they will be returning on that date. The prime minister said ‘may’ and not ‘will’. Even if he still thinks this is the way forward, we cannot do it if we do not have the resources, the staffing, the space and the ability to maintain the safety of everyone in our school community. So it will be a difficult time trying to work through the expectations, but leave that to us. We will be carrying out risk assessments in line with the official guidance, once it is shared.

Whilst we have only been open to key worker children, staff have been in school working on a rota, planning work for the children, undertaking training, cleaning all classrooms, ringing parents and carers, checking on work submitted and supporting with other areas such as domestic abuse, food poverty, family breakdowns as well as a whole host of other work to support children and families. This continues for now, nothing has changed immediately.

All I can say is, please don’t worry about it now. We will look into it, see what other information comes out and do the very best we can, as we always try to do. It is a huge challenge, but we will look at everything we need to and use common sense and focused risk assessments. The first priority has to be the safety of everyone in the school community.

The Government may not have heard views from parents/carers, so do take that opportunity to contact them if you feel it may be helpful. You can find the details for your local MP and for the Director of Children’s Services on line. Contact them if you feel you would like to.

We will keep you informed throughout, so please do not ring in to ask questions. Please give us the time and space to do what we need to, to ask the questions, to make the plans and to think how we can look after our children as they remain the most important focus for us in all of this.

In the short term, nothing has changed. Schools remain currently closed. We will provide any further information in the coming days and weeks once we are able to do so.

We await further guidance from the Department for Education, the Local Authority, the unions and other advisory bodies. And the Government. We will ask the questions, we will work on the ‘how’, we will do all we can to look after our school community. In the meantime, carry on as you are currently, nothing is changing until at least the 1st of June, and maybe not even then. You are all doing an incredible job keeping your children safe, loved, supported and cared for, especially in such difficult circumstances. Keep on doing this. Leave the rest to us.

With best wishes to you all
Joanna Pedlow

Coronavirus update – April 29th 2020

Dear parents/carers

Welcome back to week 2 of the Summer term. Although it seems that we have been in this situation for a very long time, it is only 16 actual school days would you believe that we have been closed during a normal term time.

Firstly, we hope everyone has had a welfare call from a teacher. We have tried to ring everyone, and as we said we may withold the number for safeguarding reasons. We know that people may often not answer calls when the number is witheld, but please be aware it could be us. When we ring, we just want to find out how you are managing, and if there is anything you are having difficulty with as a family. We know some families may have adults who have been furloughed or lost a job, and we want to see if we can help by signposting you to different organisations that can help. If we have not been able to contact you, we have sent a text message or an email. If we still cannot contact a family, we may come to your home to see that everyone is OK as part of our duty of care. We just want to check in with everyone to make sure they are safe and well, and to see if we can help in any way. It has been lovely to read all of the comments, where parents/carers have said how lovely it is to hear from the school, and for some how it is the first adult they may have spoken to all week. 

If you are in financial difficulty, and finding it hard to feed your family, please do talk to us. We can arrange for the food banks to help you, or drop a couple of essentials round if things are hard. We don’t want any family to go hungry, but we won’t know unless you call us.

The food bank websites for our area are here:

Or you can ring the helpline number of 0344 800 8020 or you can ring Dave Pearson on 01362 850624. Or just ring the Junior School between 9 and 3.30 on 01362 694919.

Please remember that we have some staff here everyday looking after key worker children, and these staff include senior leaders and the pastoral care staff of Mrs Thompson our PSA and Mrs Feeke, one of our designated safeguarding leads. If you need advice and support about where to go for mental health needs, health needs, housing or other things that may be affecting your family at this time, then please contact us so we can be there for you as a listening ear and to signpost you to some relevant help.

We are pleased to see how many parents have signed up to dojo as this is the way for you to see what work has been set and for you to contact the class teacher. You can also, if you wish, upload your child’s work or anything they may wish to share through dojo. We like to see the things they have been doing. Please remember though that staff are also in school on a rota basis looking after key worker children, planning work and training on line. As well as some of the staff having their own children at home to offer advice to and support with their home learning. 

Home learning – the message is still clear. We set a basic menu of learning via dojo and it is also posted on the website on the coronavirus tab. There is nothing that needs to be printed off. You can do it on a whiteboard or on paper or chalk it on the patio! Reception are setting theirs via tapestry, so you do need to ensure you have an account for this. If you don’t, let us know and we can easily sort it.

Work is also set via purple mash, TT rockstars and Mymaths. These are all things they use at school, and often independently. Consider we have 30 children or more, and one teacher for all of those children in some lessons, so the children can do it. The teachers can see who is engaging with this online learning, and when we ring we may discuss this with you to see if you need any support to access it or know how it works. It is not a criticism if you haven’t, we just want to understand why and you may have something else that you have found works really well. Teachers can also give feedback through dojo and purple mash, so we can keep in touch better and directly with the children.

You can also do any of the following if you want to and if it is right for your child:

  • Order some workbooks on line for maths and English or any other subject – if you want any advice on what may be appropriate for your child, you can ask their teacher through dojo. 
  • Find some good websites for learning – we have lists on our website that you can choose from to suit your child’s needs and interests.
  • Carol Vorderman has a maths site that has good reviews, especially for children who may find maths a challenge. It is accessed via and is for ages 4-12. It is currently free
  • White Rose Maths also have a website that has free online tutorials for children. We use this in school and it is very structured and useful.
  • Corbett Maths have a primary 5 a day for children in Primary and Secondary. Five questions every day to help keep up their skills. You don’t need to print them, you can do them on paper or a whiteboard. We do retrieval practice for the children every day in school.
  • Vocabulary ninja! We do this every day with the children in Years 1-6. It has a different word every day for the children, and they write it in a sentence, look for it in their reading etc. Having a good vocabulary helps children improve their learning in all areas. They could have a book and make a dictionary of all the words they find. It is all free.
  • Joe Wicks – workout every day, keep the child physical and you can all join in, whatever your age.
  • BBC Bitesize. All free and all on the TV! Lessons, videos, things to do, all topics, all ages.
  • Oak National Academy. All lessons prepared and delivered online. All free. All ages.
  • Robin Hood Mat. They also have all learning material free on line.
  • Read!

You can choose one or more, or none of these activities. Do what works for you and your child.

You can also:

Read, draw, paint, make a den, write some jokes, bake, do some gardening, make some pictures for your window, listen to a story, go for a walk as part of your daily exercise, make something out of an old box, write a story (or a whole book!), do some yoga, do some mindfulness colouring, play a board game with your family, ring a family member. There are plenty of things that do not need a high level of support from an adult and all of which are valuable.

Whatever you do, keep the sessions short, have breaks in between and do what is right for your child. Any questions, please just contact the teacher through dojo.

Lots of families have signed up on our federation twitter account, and on here anything we see that may interest our families is shared. It is also lovely to have things sent the children have done, from Science experiments to gardening and beyond! Or just pictures of children playing in the garden, or reading a book. 

With very best wishes to you all, keep up the good work! 

Joanna Pedlow

Update April 21st 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The summer term has started, but it is a different summer term to one any of us have ever known.

The lockdown continues, and the Government continues to have schools closed. This is because the safest place for children to be is at home. We all want to do our best to help stop the spread of this awful disease and this will be a part of that.

We have had lots of questions and requests and we will do our best to answer them. We have put in some questions that sum up some of the things we have been asked.

I find it hard to do the online learning. Can you print some off?

Unfortunately, for many reasons, this is not something we can do. We have provided a range of activities and learning and as we always say, choose what is right for your child and your situation.

There are two new things that will help with this that have been launched in the past week.

BBC Bitesize. This has activities and lessons and sessions delivered by a range of people. You can access this through your TV, so no looking at small screens. You go to BBC1 and press the red button on your remote control. This will then take you through to the sign in page and give you easy instructions to set it up. I had a look today and there is lots to choose from and all of which the children can use independently if you are unable to help them for any reason. Choose what interests your child and what suits their age and stage.

The Oak Academy has also been launched. This was set up by a group of education professionals in response to the COVID 19 situation. It is all free. It has lessons delivered online. Go to https://www.thenational.acdemy

These will be a great support to all parents/carers.

I am finding it hard to support my children due to having to work from home/my own mental or physical health

This situation is difficult for all of us, whatever the situation, but we know there may be certain factors making it even more difficult for some families. We know it is not easy to work from home and support your children, or to support them if your own health is a concern. So, just do what you can. Set them up with things they can do independently, and set aside any time you can to do things with them.

Just be assured that whatever you are doing, you are doing your best and that is all anyone can ask of you. Don’t put yourself under any pressure; play games, go for a walk and spot things as you go, watch a movie. There are many things you can do and it does not have to be around a pen and paper or a screen.

Step back and do something relaxing if it becomes too much, just spend time together doing something you can all enjoy. Most importantly, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or says they are doing! Do what is right and works for you.

There are activities and suggestions for mental health and well being on the twitter feed and the website. If you are finding things difficult you can contact your own GP for advice.

Mrs Thompson, our PSA, is working during this time and can offer advice on the telephone or via email, and sign post you to people who may be able to help with support. Please note she does not work every day, so leave a message with the office at the Junior School and she will get in touch as soon as she is able to. We will also share details of organisations with you and websites and apps as we find them.

There’s not enough/too much work?

We have had some parents/carers say there is too much work, and others who say there is not enough. So what we say is, everything presented to you should be seen as a menu, and just as you wouldn’t order a takeaway and order everything on the menu, you need to select the diet for your family. If it works for your child to have a structured timetable, then this is what you should do. If it works to be more flexible and go with the flow each day, then that is what you should do. There is no perfect answer.

They should be in school, I want them to come in as they are missing their learning.

No child is in school, schools are closed. Every child in the whole country will be doing their very best at home, and when schools return it will be the teachers who will see where we are and what we do next. We really would like every child to read regularly, there are free online books, and for Junior children to complete some AR quizzes. Read stories to your child, whatever their age or listen to them together on some of the free audio stories available.

When will the schools reopen?

Nobody knows. That is the simple answer. Schools often find things out when everyone else does, when it is on the news. We can’t make a plan as we don’t know what will happen and when. Social distancing says to be two metres apart, with 30 children in a class, can you imagine how big that classroom would have to be? And how would we get hundreds of children in to school, most of them are brought by adults, how would they all stay two metres apart on the way to school, at drop off and pick up? There is no way that schools can practice safe social distancing. Several staff have had shielding letters or cannot be in due to health reasons, this shielding is for 12 weeks so all schools will have the issue of ensuring there are enough staff in schools to safely open. There are too many issues that cannot be overcome in the current situation and with the current guidance.

All we can hope is that the decision is made based on Science and when it is safe, because as much as we miss seeing the children, we only want to see them when it is safe to do so.

I didn’t know about some of the things that we can access such as the BBC programmes.

We do our best to keep you updated, and the quickest way is to sign up to the twitter page for the federation. Every day something new comes up and is shared. Follow us at Toftwoodfedera1

You can also see all new updates on the website, as always. Teachers will also be sharing information with you through class dojo.

There is no one method that will suit everyone, so we are doing what we feel is right to reach as many people as possible.

If you have any password issues, please contact the teacher through dojo first and they can help.

There is too much/too little information

We get comments saying there is too much, and comments saying there is too little. So we share what we feel it may be useful and you can decide what you look at and what is not relevant for you.

My child has a serious medical condition. I don’t know if I would want to send them if schools open soon

We can only take it one day at a time, and take note of the Scientists and medical professionals. We would always advise following medical advice, but let us discuss that when it happens. Please don’t worry about it.

In other news!

Online safety

As we are all using the internet more, it is important that parents and children know what to do if they have a concern about any online content.

You can report through CEOP and there is information on this on our website.

Links to support on our website can be found here:

Food bank support

There are a range of services to help people in the lockdown.

We have three main food banks in Breckland;

The foodbank opening times aren’t the most flexible so please check on the timings. The support hotline is 0344 800 8020. People in need may qualify for the parcels they send out.

Please check those websites for more information. Mrs Feeke and Mrs Thompson can issue food bank vouchers also, so please contact us if you are experiencing difficulty.

We have had some kind offers of donating food to school for families in need, but we feel it is most appropriate to use those systems set up. In addition to this, people should not be visiting the school sites unless they are accessing the emergency child care. Our sincere thanks though, to those who have made these kind offers of help.

Help if isolating

There is a community group that can help if you are isolating. The details are pinned to the top of our twitter feed. The group is called Dereham cares.

If you are isolated and do not have friends or family nearby they can help by:

Calling you for a chat

Picking up a prescription

Organising a delivery of basic foods.

They can do this up to once a week, prioritising the elderly and the vulnerable.

You can register for yourself or someone else at

Or if you cannot go online you can call

If you want a phone call ring 07749 577212

For prescription collection ring 07867 522769

For a food basics delivery ring 07810 203803

Keeping in touch

Staff will be contacting you over the next few weeks to just check in and see how you are and how things are going, so we can keep in touch. This is to talk to you as parents/carers and not to talk to the children. For safeguarding reasons you may see ‘caller ID blocked’ or ‘number withheld’ so please be aware this could be someone from school trying to call you.

Please be aware that Miss Skinner left us at the end of the Spring term, and has relocated to the North East. We couldn’t share this with you as we usually would as but we were sad to see her go. We thank her for all she has done for us, and wish her well in her new adventures. We are pleased to be able to say that Mr Hardy is overseeing the class and the dojo and joining the Year 4 team to support in this time, so you may hear from him or another member of staff if your child is in CS4.

We hope all our families are staying safe and well at this time. With very best wishes to all

Everyone at Toftwood Infant and Junior School Federation

End of Term Round up 1st April 2020

Good morning to everyone! We are now coming to the end of the most extraordinary term and heading into the Easter break. The schools are still technically closed, but please note that over the Easter holidays office staff and school staff will not be available to answer questions. If you have a question in this time, you will need to email and a response will be given when we return.

Our staff have been working hard to provide for key workers, so they can be there for us when we need them. I would like to than all of the staff for their work in this and in a very difficult time. Thank you also to all of those working in a role with a critical response to the coronavirus fight, we are most grateful. 

Just a quick round up now! 


Every child had their passwords before school closed. If you have a password question, you will need to contact us after the Easter holidays eg from 20th April or you can leave a request on dojo for the teachers to follow up, but this will most likely be after the holidays. We are presuming everyone has theirs, as we have not had any phone calls recently to request them and we have asked that the children use their TT Rockstars (Years 1-6) , My Maths or Numbots, Accclerated Reader (Years 3-6)and their purple mash account in the closure period. These are the most important ones to have. A lot of work will be set through purple mash for years 1-6, so it is vital you have this available wherever possible. Teachers can see what has been done on this, and can access your child’s activity and achievement, so please do ensure you access it. 

TT rockstars

These have all been reset to automatic mode which means they start at the beginning and once they master that it will automatically progress them through the stages. If they are very proficient in these they will progress quickly but all revision is good for them, especially at this time. The more they get right, the quicker they progress. Keep practising. Times tables mastery is a vital part of a child’s maths progress and development, so please practise saying them out loud, quick fire questions at home and testing each other. It will make a huge difference. 

Supporting at home

We know this can be a challenge, some parents have said they are not paid to be a teacher, but we are in totally new territory here. Children need to be at home to keep them safe and we know their learning falls back over a holiday period, so regular reading, writing and maths is really important and we have given ways you can do this , even if you are not a teacher.

We do also appreciate that it is a challenge to do home learning if you are working from home, but thousands of parents are in this position and we just have to find some method that works for us as families. You will all find your own routines I am sure, so as long as you do your best, you are doing a great job. 

Children may find it difficult or be reluctant but having a routine for them will mean they do not find it so difficult . These hints may help:

  • Have set times when you do things eg Reading at 9, then a break, then maths. Every day at 10 the White Rose Hub have a live maths lesson so you don’t have to worry if you are not sure what the questions mean. Some upper school maths is a challenge for all of us! 
  • Make a timetable if it helps. Don’t aim for a full school day, build in regular breaks. If it works for you to do it in the afternoons and up until meal times, then do it that way. Find a routine that works for you.
  • Set clear guidelines and expectations for them – we will do this, then this and then this. A visual timetable may help with pictures, there are many on line. We know it is different and challenging but please do your best to support them to continue learning over the closure period. 
  • Let your teacher know if you find anything difficult. They can’t teach individually but they can give you some advice and guidance.
  • Remember you are the adult and if your child refuses, be firm and set expectations. First we do this reading and then you can watch TV. It may be tricky at first but it will become easier once they know you mean it and are sticking to your decisions!


All children are expected to read regularly still. Please try to read to your child daily just as we do in school or listen to an audio story together. Join the twitter account for up to date info as we can’t email everything. If you are not a confident reader, or you want to take some time to listen to a story with your child, then Neatherd are reading a book aloud on line, Cressida Cowell is reading how to train your dragon, David Walliams is reading every day too. Just search them in google or go on our twitter feed as that has the links and information. All of this is free and easy to access. Accelerated reader also have lots of books and work online for Junior School pupils to access. Teachers will be looking at the account activity, maybe we can have our first coronavirus word millionaire! Help for accelerated reader is on the website and on our twitter account.  

Accelerated Reader – Years 3-6 (Also used by Neatherd for Years 7-9)

 To access the AR website you need the right address through our school link on the website please. It won’t work by finding it through google we are told. All staff will put the correct link in the dojo message they will send to you weekly. 


The best route if you have a general question is via the junior office. As staff become ill or self isolate they might not see messages through more individual sites so please be mindful of this. We are looking at ensuring we can maintain contact through dojo, but if the teacher is off or unwell, we won’t be able to do this. 

FSM hampers

Just some additional clarity around those who qualify for the means tested free school meals and NOT the Universal Infant Free School Meals all Infant children receive.

As said previously, the Government have stopped the Universal Infant Free School Meals, and regardless of what you may read, these are no longer in place and your child does not qualify for a meal in the closure period.

Children who qualify for the means tested Free School Meals already are aware of this and we have kept in touch with them, delivering food parcels.

In terms of vouchers, these are ONLY when a school cannot provide a meal/food parcel and we are able to provide this as our caterers are still in school working. If you read the full guidance you will see this. It is not parental choice. We will deliver a weekly food parcel to those who live in Dereham, Toftwood or Scarning who qualify once a week, and it will have all the ingredients you would need to make the packed lunch option your child would get in school. If you live outside of these areas, you need to contact us and come and collect one. Mrs Flynn has been in touch with all of those who qualify to see who would like this option. If you have not been contacted, you do not qualify.

You can check if you are eligible on line at the government checker, then you apply to the local authority. Details are online –

Please note it is very restricted and not all benefits or tax credits make you eligible. Please also make sure you follow the right links as it varies depending on where you live.


Sign up for twitter or you may miss out!  It has information every day on how to support your child, some quick and easy activities and just general support and contact. We are also loving seeing the tweets shared by parents showing the work the children have been doing.  Reception parents can add things on tapestry, but can use this to if they wish. Find us by searching Toftwood Federation

Class dojo

Make sure you have signed up for class dojo. We know there are a few parents who have not. Teachers will send a weekly message through on this to you all, so it is important to keep using it. Make sure you have your password to hand of necessary.

Teachers will keep in contact, whether by phone or dojo or other official messaging channels, but we have safeguarding systems to work within so we may not be calling everyone. This is not for personal tutoring, but just to make sure we keep in touch. Please remember the teachers are planning and setting work, carrying out vital training and also doing emergency key worker childcare, so they do have a lot to do currently! However, if you are struggling for any reason and not just with their work, do get in touch and we will do our best to help. 

Stay safe online

We always teach the children about not sharing personal information on line that can identify where they live etc. Please can we also ask parents to think about this over the closure period. We know they are missing friends, but please don’t put out information asking parents to get in touch, or giving descriptions and names of children on facebook or other places. Some families have fled from  domestic abuse or a volatile or unsafe situation, and you sharing their child’s name, description and school could identify them and their location to an abuser. We just want you to be safe, and all of our families.

If you send us anything for the twitter page, you are consenting for the information about your child to be on there, which is different to posting about someone else’s child without their permission.

Useful information about on line safety can be found on our website and on our twitter account.

Weekly learning

After Easter, we will be setting work weekly for each year group. This will be published on the website and also sent via class dojo, so look out for this. It will be a simple structure of tasks for the week. Look at them and prioritise and think how you can make it work for you. We wold like to ensure all children are being supported with some learning at home but appreciate how challenging this may be. If your child has additional needs, it may be appropriate for you to amend the tasks or choose something form a more appropriate year group in a younger age group. 


The on line white rose hub is always a good source of expertise for non specialist. Join online and they have a video tutorial for all year groups. Just look online or use a link form our twitter or website.

Staying safe

Please do listen to the government messages and information and continue to follow them. We still have reports of children out playing or calling for friends, or people visiting other houses. This is a really serious virus, and we can’t stop it unless we ALL follow the rules. Please stay in, stay safe and ensure those workers on the front line are protected and able to be there in case we or our family need them.

Easter holidays

We know it has been difficult for everyone, but please do have a break from the current level of home learning over the holidays. The work for week one beginning 20th April will be posted just before the end of the holidays. Continuing with reading would be great, listening to stories, reading stories and telling stories. All great activities for families.

If you have any child protection or safeguarding concerns I the holidays you can still contact the relevant professional. Please see all contact numbers on our safeguarding pages of the website.


Thank you to the parents who have sent in kind messages to keep staff morale high during this time, when we know everyone has their own concerns.  Thank you for our emails and calls, and for the gifts people have dropped off. We really do appreciate it.

Take care and stay safe 

Joanna Pedlow

Coronavirus update – March 27th 2020

Dear parents/carers

As we come to the end of our first full week of school closures, I thought it might be useful to get in touch and keep you updated.

School Closures

Both schools are closed, except to those with an agreed emergency childcare place. Firstly, thank you to everyone who has made arrangements for their child as the safest place for them is at home. The best way to prevent unnecessary spread and any cross infection is for children to be at home, and for only those who are key workers in the fight against the coronavirus/Covid 19 to be using the emergency child care provision so we can keep it going.  

If you need to contact us you must ring the Junior school as the Infant school is in complete lockdown. 01362 694919. Please do check twitter and the website first to find an answer to your question as we have minimal numbers of staff in order to carry out social distancing and minimise the risk of the spread of the disease. 


A huge thank you to all of the parents and carers who are frontline key workers in the fight against this disease. Your contribution is much appreciated by us all, every day.


We recently set up a twitter account for the Toftwood Federation. We have 95 followers already, but it would be great if every parent could sign up. On here there are daily updates and activities for your child, many of which do not require you to have any expertise or knowledge! There are links to virtual visits to zoos, museums and art galleries, live theatre and much more. There is also the most recent information, so it really is an excellent easy to keep in touch.

We would also like to see what your children are up to whilst we are closed, so if you tweet us a picture of them and some information, we will retweet it to share so we can all keep in touch. If you do tweet it to us, then you are giving permission for this to be retweeted and shared. We have enjoyed seeing the activities the children are getting up to.

Currently we have been asking people to put a bear in their window, related to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ to show people out on their daily exercise or doing their key worker roles in the community.

We are also encouraging children to sign up for the Joe Wicks Body Coach challenge, and if you make a plan for this and tweet him and us, you can enter a competition. Check his twitter account @thebodycoach

Either search Toftwood Federation or use@ToftwoodFedera1 for our account

Please sign up to keep up to date – new ideas every day. There is something for everyone.

Free School Meals

There has been a great deal of discussion on free school meals in the media, on social media and between parents. Some parents are mistaken in thinking that all children in the infant school will get a meal voucher or a food parcel as they do not pay for their lunches. Please note this is not the case! 

To try to explain, all children in Infant schools get a daily free meal when school is open, but this is known as a Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) which is DIFFERENT to a Free School Meal (FSM)

It is only those who meet the criteria for a Free School Meal (FSM) who have any entitlement. Just because your child does not pay for meals at infants, it does not mean they are free school meals. The Universal infant free School Meals (UIFSM) does not apply when schools are closed, even for those with an emergency child care space.

Any parent who qualifies for free school meals (FSM) has already been contacted and informed about our arrangements for this. If you have not been contacted, you are not eligible and do not qualify.

Please note the national and local authority guidance on this has been, and continues to be, poor. They have not yet put anything in place for the voucher scheme for those eligible. We have no mechanism to buy these vouchers yet. We will keep you updated but please note that any provision, be it a packed lunch or a voucher does not apply in the school holidays.

For those who are eligible for the free school meals, we will keep in touch when we have any new information. We are unable to supply vouchers currently but will keep in touch with those entitled to the free school meals directly about arrangements.  

Home Learning

As a federation we are trying to take a sensible approach to the home learning. We know that the majority of parents are not teachers, and many parents are doing their very best to work at home with their children there. We know this is not easy as many of our staff are facing the same challenges in their families! 

A few parents have raised they thought more work should have been sent home. We have 650 children, all of different ages and abilities and all with different home circumstances, and it was a mammoth effort to print the workbook we managed to get out before the school closed. Unless you work in a school, I don’t think you would be aware of the efforts staff were making in the run up to closure, which we only found out about when the announcement was made on the television. We were printing and collating passwords, reassuring children and trying to make plans and gather information, as well as trying to keep things as normal as possible with a reduced number of staff.

So, what we say to you is this. 

  • If you are doing your best, because you are working at home, have several children or just don’t feel confident, then you are doing very well. Everyone is facing different challenges, but we have to acknowledge that every situation, every family and every child is different. You will all, I am sure, do your very best and that is all anyone can expect.
  • Your prime concern at this time should be keeping you and your family as safe as you can. Don’t get stressed or worried about school work! Everyone will do what they can. Watch a movie, practise some mindfulness activities, do some colouring! Just do all that you can to reassure your child in line with their age and needs. 
  • If your child needs a timetable, make one together. This could help, and you can adapt it according to your child’s age or ability. You can include:
  • daily reading (use your own books or some of our free online books – see the website) We will be sending further information for Junior children about accelerated reader and how you can use this to quiz at home, but please note this must be done independently and this is one thing you must not help with! 
  • read to your child whatever their age (we have a  daily storytime in school for all year groups, you are never too old to hear a story) . You could have a free audio book and listen to it together.
  • Daily maths. You can use Corbett maths five a day which is free online, or the White Rose Maths which was sent to you yesterday. You don’t need to print it – write it on a whiteboard, a chalkboard, a piece of paper or in a book. White Rose has instruction videos and Corbett maths has the answers! You can also use ICT games if your child is Reception to Year 2 or has additional needs, as they have free and useful interactive games. You can also do daily TT rockstars if your child has this, as times tables are vital to a child’s progress in maths, or start to learn their tables if they are ready. There are also other maths platforms such as Carol Vorderman and others. There is also free good practice for Years 5 and 6 using questions that cover the whole of the KS2 curriculum, which generate randomly. Information is on our twitter page. 
  • Daily writing – be it a story, a diary, a book review, questions you would ask someone in an interview, a letter to someone in the family; get the children writing!
  • Something active. The Joe Wicks daily session is free on you tube. We have also sent you information about how you can do real PE at home. If this is difficult, go in the garden and skip, run, play swingball. Anything active. We would do two hours minimum PE a week at school. 
  • Look at Science – there are many activities on line for this.
  • Look at other subjects and what you can manage. You might find a History programme to watch together or that your child could watch, or a Geography programme. Many zoos are doing a virtual tour, as are art galleries, there is a lot to choose from and it is all learning.
  • Look at something relaxing – cosmic yoga is something we do in the Infant School and this is free online.  
  • Cook, do some gardening, paint, do a creative project linked to a topic. 

Please note it is not reasonable to expect them to do a full day of learning, it is so much more intense than a day in school. Start at 9 if you can, do an hour, have a break and a snack, do a little more and then have a proper break and rest for lunch. In the afternoon, do a maximum of two hours with a built in break. 

If it works to do this over more days or in the evening, then do what is right for you. We hope to share some ideas on our twitter feed of what families are doing. We have heard today one family with four children has a daily register, a special person and has built a reading den with their clothes horse! That is fabulous – well done. Very simple, but highly effective.

After Easter we will set a daily plan for each year group weekly and we will see how that goes. You will need to check this each week. It will be put on the website for ease, so you need to check on the Federation website –

  1. Then coronavirus tab 
  2. Then home learning packs 
  3. Then click on your year group. 

Reception will set this through Tapestry so make sure that you log on as we can see who has and who has not. We would love you to continue to post what you are doing.

Some tasks will be set on purple mash and all passwords were generated and shared before Easter for all 650 children. This in itself was a huge job, but we did it! Work set on this is able to be monitored and feedback given if required. It is all things the children can do independently so please do keep up with this. 

Please note it is not reasonable to expect them to do a full day of learning, it is so much more intense and this is a difficult time for everyone. No one knows what will happen, so the important thing is we all feel able to manage our own mental health and well being and that of our families, and we all pace ourselves so we can get through this.  

Reception staff will keep you updated through tapestry, responding to your posts etc as and when they are able.

Teachers in Years 1-6 will have a weekly communication through class dojo with you, so please ensure you have logged in to this app and get on it if you have not. They will give some overall feedback and information to keep in touch and keep it manageable. 


  • Please try and do some learning each day or as and when you are able. Daily work on maths and English, especially reading is really useful. Time to relax and look after your wellbeing is also vital.
  • Use our online learning activities through purple mash, my maths, TT rockstars, numbots as we can set these accurately and they will support the children. Use also White Rose Maths and Corbett Maths.
  • Sign up for our twitter account – please note this is to maintain contact with the community and any unsuitable tweets/abusive tweets will be deleted and users blocked.
  • Every piece of home learning and information about the work being set and information for the closure is under the coronavirus tab. This is your go to place for information about what is happening, advice, updates and home learning. Mrs Coy will be adding some SEN specific information and activities, such as fine motor skills. 
  • Keep yourselves and your families safe. Unless the children are in the garden, please don’t send them outside in the public areas. We have been told some children are out on their bikes and this is most likely not advisable. We know they will find it difficult, but maybe consider a daily family walk for exercise, maintaining social distancing from other families. Children should not be meeting up with friends etc.
  • Check our website on the coronavirus tab regularly for updates and information.

Our thoughts are with you and your families at this difficult time. If we all do the right thing as advised by the government, then we can help stop the spread of this disease. Thank you to all of the kind messages and support from parents and carers and a huge thank you to all of our staff who are doing their best to support children and families in this difficult time, as well as support and protect their own families, as well as those of you who are working tirelessly in the fight against this disease.

Take care everyone

Best wishes

Joanna Pedlow 

A message from the Governing Board – 24th March 2020

Dear parents, carers and students 

We write this message to you all, faced with a situation that many of us have never experienced in our life times.

As a Governing Board, we wish to express our sincere thanks to our senior leadership team, teaching staff, cleaners and everyone that has been involved in keeping our schools open and our children safe and educated until the guidelines issued by the Government meant they were no longer able to do so.

Today, saw our schools opening only to the children of key workers. Plans are in place to ensure the safety of these children and their families. We appreciate that this may cause some families difficulties, but we have to be seen to follow the guidelines issued daily and often we only learn about these at the same time as you do.

The Governing Board would like to express our thanks to all of our pupils and their families/carers for their understanding at this difficult time.

We understand that you are facing the difficult situation of juggling working from home and home schooling your children. Please realise that the majority of the Governors are either teaching staff, at the Federation or other schools, or are parents, just like you. So we understand and appreciate what you may be going through right now. 

Thanks to the teaching staff across the Federation, all of the children should have access to resources to help you with this. There are many links appearing daily on social media to help you with this and enrich the learning experience.

We want to express our thanks to all staff members of the Federation, whose dedication and commitment has ensured the children were able to continue normally for as long as possible.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the closure of the school was a Government and not a school based decision. This is to ensure the safety of all of us at this challenging time. 

We appreciate that this is a difficult and scary time for us all. So please remember, the Federation is doing all it can to ensure that the children of key workers are cared for and educated so that their parents can care for you, remembering that the safest place for children is at home. 

Our usual policies still apply and we will not tolerate the abuse of our staff, especially when they are putting themselves and their families at risk to enable key workers to provide their services to you. This includes verbal and written aggression, as well as physical. 

As a Governing Board, we ask that you listen to the Government advice that is being updated on a daily basis. This is not a holiday, this is a necessity to stop the spread of this virus.

Please keep your children at home or at the recommended distance from others until this has passed. 

We look forward to seeing all of our students back, safe, well and unaffected by this virus as soon as possible, when the Government inform us it is safe to open. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

The Federation Governing Board 

Staying Active at Home

Dear parents and carers,

It is recommended that children are active for at least 60 minutes every day. There are so many physical, emotional and mental health benefits to being active, especially in such testing times. The School Sports’ Partnership have put together a list of suggestions that your child can do at home to stay active.

Real PE at home – online learning resources

Real PE is the learning platform that we use to teach PE at school. Real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity.

Here are the details to access real PE at home:

The website address is: 
Infant login details

Parent email:
Password: toftwoodin

Junior login details

Parent email:
Password: toftwoodco

Joe Wicks

Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 9:30, live workouts on his YouTube channel (the body coach TV).


There are lots of interactive videos which are free, and always will be, for you to use with your children aged 4- to 11-years old.

Premier League Primary Stars have a wide collection of free, curriculum-linked activities to educate and entertain children at home. You can find lots of ideas for helping your children get active, as well as fun videos, games and worksheets for Maths, English and Health and Wellbeing.

The NHS & Change 4 Life have a host of fun 10 Minute Shake Up games as well as information about active hobbies and sports… everything you need to get your family moving.

The Super Movers campaign is helping to get young people moving while they learn. It helps to develop confidence, teamwork and leadership skills so they feel inspired.

Cosmic Yoga is widely used in Schools & is Making yoga and mindfulness fun!

The Youth Sports Trust have uploaded a range of PE activities that can be done individually or in pairs/small groups with a focus on the development of physical competence & the importance of personal skills to support social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

They have a range of activities for you to try and you can download any of them from the link below

Every single day, Healthy Futures TV will be uploading new content to their YouTube channel to keep children active and healthy during the school closures. The SSP will update this page ( with any new things they find, and their social media channels (@WNDSSP) are the best place to keep up to date on all things active. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months.

Coronavirus update 10 March 22nd 2020

Dear Parents

It was with great sadness we said goodbye to the children on Friday, not knowing when we would see them again. Everyone here has worked exceptionally hard to keep things as normal as possible for the children and to support them at this time.

Thank you to those parents who gave a note, a card or an email or just said thank you. It means a lot to us. It has been a challenging time for all of us.

Both schools are now closed to pupils and parents. Do not come to the schools unless you have to collect something. Please ring in advance and we will let you know where you can collect it from as we do not want people on the school premises as we are not open to the pupils or parents at this time as set out by the Government.. You need to ring the Junior office for all queries. 01362 694919

The safest place for your child is at home. We know it is a challenging prospect to have your child at home for such a long period of time, but we cannot stop the spread of this virus if we allow them out to see friends or to the park. Please keep your child in and keep them safe.

Learning activities are on the website.

We also now have a twitter account where we will post vital information, such as new learning sites, health information etc. Just search @Toftwood federation. Let’s try and get the followers up. Please remember we are updating this as well as all the other things we are trying to deal with as a support for you. Any malicious, unkind or just unhelpful messages will be deleted and those followers blocked. At this time, more than ever, follow our PATHS golden rule of treat others as you would like to be treated. BE KIND!

Government advice is clear – stay home and do not go out. Do not mix with others. If a child has an underlying health condition such as asthma it is clear they should not mix with others.

If your child has an underlying health condition such as severe asthma the advice is to avoid all contact for 12 weeks. Children are safest at home. Keep everyone safe. Keep them away from school even if they have an EHCP or you have a key worker space.

If you have a key worker space you will have been notified. If you did not, your child cannot attend. We are trying to keep the numbers to a minimum to protect the spread. the more children there are, the more likely it will spread and we will not be able to offer that provision at all. We are trying to protect key frontline staff, such as NHS staff, in order for them to be able to go to work. If staff have to self isolate or are unwell, we cannot open the provision, and then those staff cannot work. You or a member of your family may need them if you become ill, it is literally a matter of life and death.

Protect everyone, protect your family, protect the community, protect the NHS and other frontline staff. Continue to wash your hands regularly and self isolate for 14 days.

Our thoughts are with you and your families. May we all stay safe and well and look after each other.

Keep an eye to the website, twitter and your email for further updates.

Take care and be kind to each other.

Joanna Pedlow