Autumn 1 2021 – Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival

Year 5 participated in the Tag Rugby Festival arranged by the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership. The group enjoyed a fun morning learning different skills such as how to defend and how to accurately throw and score a try. This helped them to prepare for their games in the afternoon. Toftwood Junior School were fabulous at listening and were very supportive of other schools. The children maximised their team work skills and were determined to keep trying their best. All the children had a great day competing against local schools. We are very excited to return to another event!

Autumn 1 2021 – KS1 Football Festival

On Wednesday 6th October, 5 children from year 1 and 5 children from year 2 went to the Football Development Centre (FDC) in Bowthorpe to represent our federation in a Football Festival. The event started with the children demonstrating their football skills in several different activities that were organised by Sports Leaders from Taverham High School. The children worked really hard and showed their passing and dribbling skills. Later on in the morning, the children also worked as a team and played some friendly matches against other schools in a mini tournament.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed being outside, active and developing their football skills. For many, it was their first time playing in a football match and they really enjoyed the different activities and trying new things. All of the children worked hard in the skill focus activities and this meant they were able to apply these skills during the matches. All of the children worked really well as team and were a credit to the federation.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Autumn 1 2021 Years 2 and 3 Active Kids

Competitions and festivals arranged by the West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership are back!

Year 2 and 3 children from the federation enjoyed a very active morning participating in a variety of fun activities based on throwing, rolling and aiming. The activities were organised and run by sports leaders from Taverham High School who were brilliant at encouraging and enthusing the children.

All the children tried their best and the adults had a hard job choosing 2 children for the school games value award of determination.

It was great to be back to being able to take children to a sporting event and much fun was had by all.

KS1 Rugby Festival – 10th March 2020

On the 10th March, 10 pupils from years 1 and 2 attended a West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership Rugby Festival held at Taverham High School. Sports Leaders from Reepham, Neatherd and Northgate led activities to build up the children’s skills, such as passing the ball correctly, using all of the space and touching the opponents shoulder to show they had been tagged.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Some of the children had never held a rugby ball before and they relished in learning a new sport.  The children were a credit to our Federation and demonstrated great all-round sportsmanship.

Year 4 and 5 Panathlon – February 2020

Nine children from year four and five attended a panathlon competition at the UEA on 12th February. A panathlon is a competitive event with a range of inclusive sports and the children move in a carousel so they can complete every activity. The children try to score points for their team through a range of throwing and kicking activities. There was also a curling activity which they particularly enjoyed, even though in was on a hall floor rather that ice!

Our children showed fantastic self-belief and determination throughout the event. They also listened showing great respect to the other adults and the high school children who were leading the different activities.

The second team scored 49 points but we just beat them with 50 points to be the winning team! The children received a medal each as well as a trophy for the school and were very pleased with their achievements.

Well done!

Year 6 Football Tournament – February 2020

On Friday 7th February, a team of eight year 6 boys headed off to the ‘The Nest’ in Norwich to participate in a football tournament, along with other schools in the area. ‘The Nest’ is the fantastic new Norwich City training facility, supporting football in the community.

Mr Barnes had been assisting the year 6 team in preparing themselves and talking tactics for several weeks in the run up to the tournament. Toftwood began their first game against Dussindale Primary School. Games were played for ten minutes and despite a solid performance the first one ended 0-0. The team faced Firside in the second game and thanks to some outstanding goalkeeping from Benjamin, Toftwood kept themselves in the game, which also saw some chances of goals cleared off the line. This game also ended 0-0. Firside went on to the quarter finals so this was a great result.

Due to a controversial goal Toftwood lost their 3rd game 1-0; pushing for the goal they got caught out and conceded late on. The team headed into the 4th game determined to prove themselves, which they did. The fourth game ended in a 1-0 victory for Toftwood, when a cross from Ellis was converted into a goal by Braydon. Having been denied some earlier goals by great goalkeeping, Braydon was happy to have scored the winning goal.

The whole team produced some solid performances and despite being disappointed to miss out on the quarters, they congratulated each other on their individual and team performances. After each match the team discussed what went well and what didn’t and then looked ahead to the next game with determination and lots of passion.
The facilities at the nest were fantastic and the children enjoyed everything the day had to offer, even coming away with a programme each from Norwich City’s last game against Newcastle. 

Spring 1 2020 KS1 Gymnastics Festival

On Wednesday 29th January 10 children from Years 1 and 2 went to Easton Gymnastics Club and participated in a gymnastics festival. The children had the opportunity to use lots of the equipment including the beams, p bars, trampoline, sprung floor, bars and foam pit. They completed various activities involving practising jumping, balancing, rolling and strength exercises. Everyone had a great time and all the children tried their best even though they found the activities very challenging. Jack said “The best bit was jumping in the foam pit” and Freddie said “I like the p bars and swinging on them”. The children thought about what they found tricky and Lily said “I tried really hard at jumping” and Izzy said “I tried really hard at star jumps”.

Girls Football Wednesday 22nd January

Following from their success in November, a team of year 3 and 4 girls took part in the Girls Football Finals for a place at the County finals in February.

The 7 girls in the year 3 and 4 team played against teams from Firside, St Peters and Swanton Morley. They unfortunately didn’t qualify for the County final but we were so proud of how well they played and worked together as a team! They continued to encourage each other throughout which was lovely to see and they should be very proud of themselves. 

Well done girls!

Spring 1 2020 – Sports Hall Athletics

On Tuesday 14th January, 12 children from year 1 and year 2 took part in Sports Hall Athletics at Easton Tennis Centre. The children enthusiastically participated in a circuit of eight activities to develop their key PE skills of catching, launching, skipping, jumping, balancing, pitching and running. Activity stations included developing balance with partners and then using balancing skills to complete a beanbag relay, skipping with hoops and bouncing a ball in a hoop and around a course of cones.

Sports Leaders from Taverham High School supported the children with developing their key skills throughout the day and offered lots of praise and encouragement.  All children attending received a certificate for their efforts and everyone worked very hard and represented the federation brilliantly.

Autumn 2 2019 – Christmas Dance Festival

On Tuesday 3rd December, 24 children from year 5 and 6 performed at a dance festival at Open in Norwich. The children had worked hard leading up to the day taking part in an after school club each week lead by Miss Parsons. In the club, they talked about the messages of Christmas and carefully chose dance moves to link to those messages. They also voted for ‘Under the Tree’ by Kelly Clarkson to perform their dance to.

On the day, the children were collected from school at 10am and arrived in Norwich later ready to rehearse their dance. They were all surprised by the size of the stage and overwhelmed by how big the room was that they would be performing in later that day. Throughout the day, they loved watching other schools rehearse and particularly enjoyed trying to copy the dance performed by Taverham High School! The first performance at 4pm went very well and the later one at 7pm was even better. The children’s timings and enthusiasm in the dance improved throughout the day to perform their best dance in the final show. They also loved going back on stage and singing and dancing with all the other schools to Christmas songs. It was lovely to see the children’s confidence grow throughout the day and they represented our school brilliantly. Well done!