Secret Club

Secret Club 2019-20

We run a Secret Club for Key Stage 1 children. Every term different children are invited to come to Secret Club after school and they get to take part in a range of activities to inspire and deepen their learning across the curriculum. See below for what has been happening… but don’t tell anyone!

10th March 2020

There was a Science focus this week in secret club. The children made cupcakes. They explored changes to materials when they mixed the ingredients and when it was cooked.

3rd March 2020

The story “The day the crayons quit” was used for the focus for this session. The children used three colours to create their own pictures.

11th February

The focus this week was Japan. The children learnt the colour words in Japanese. They made origami dogs, cats and rabbits. The children also made fans.

4th February 2020

Following on from work on colour mixing in class, the children explored colour mixing. They made their own colours and used them to create pictures.

28th January 2020

The children took part in a very active session today. They completed a Jump Start Johnny workout, Cosmic Kids yoga, and an Avengers workout.

21st January 2020

The focus for this secret club was Geography. Following on from work in class, the children used google earth and google maps to explore journeys to familiar places in the locality. They talked about their journey to school and made maps of their route to school.

10th December 2019

This week the theme for Secret Club was Christmas crafts! The children had a go at making paper chains, concertina snowmen and Christmas trees and a paper plate Santa. They also took part in a Christmas yoga. 

3rd December

The theme for this week was computing. The children used the computers to explore the Purple Mash website.

26th November 2019

The focus for this week was mindfulness, relaxation. The children participated in meditation yoga. They listened to a story about relaxation. The children discussed and drew their perfect places.

12th November 2019

The children made their own meditation bracelets. Then they pushed each bead along as said something positive about themselves. The children finished with a seated yoga position.

5th November 2019

The children created their own book using Purple Mash. They used different tools to add text, animations and sound effects. Some children even included different backgrounds to help develop their setting. The children loved that they could print off their book and take it home too!

15th October 2019

The children focussed on Norwich. They used google maps to find landmarks in Norwich. As part of this work, children compared Norwich Cathedral and The Forum and talked about places they had visited in Norwich. They made games about Norwich, demonstrating their knowledge of places and landmarks in Norwich.

2nd April 2019

The focus for secret club this week was computing. The children visited the computing suite and used the program ‘Purple Mash’ activity to create their own stories. The stories they made included sounds, actions and animations.

12th March 2019

The focus for secret club this week was geography. The children found out about buildings and places in their locality. They used google maps to locate their houses and find out about their route to school. Finally, they created maps of their journey to school.

5th March 2019

This week in secret club, the children have been looking at maths games on the computers. They selected maths games from the topmarks website to further their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts.

29th January 2019

We had a craft focus for this week in secret club. The children created their very own yarn monsters!

22nd January 2019

In this session of secret club we learnt all about the importance of relaxation. We talked about why it is important to give yourself time to relax and how it keeps us feeling healthy both physically and mentally. We read the story ‘A Boy and a Bear’ By Lori Lite. In this story a boy teaches a polar bear how to relax using different breathing techniques. We pretended to be the bear and talked about who our bodies felt afterwards. We had a go at drawing pictures of our favourite places to relax.

We sung the ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ song and had a go at retelling it through ‘Story Massage’ with a partner. We all found this very relaxing!

15th January 2019

Secret club children learnt about the art of ‘speed stacking’ this week. They watched a clip of the world record for speed stacking and were amazed at how quickly the cups were stacked and unstacked.

During secret club time we practised stacking the cups. The children were shown a few tips to help them. We had a go at timing ourselves and then we practised some more to see if we could improve our times, and they all did!

27th November 2018

Christmas art was the theme for this week in secret club. The children enjoyed creating their own reindeers using paper plates.

20th November 2018

The children in secret club found out about the North Pole, as part of a geography focus. They looked at and discussed photographs from the North Pole. Finally, they recorded some of the facts they had learnt.

13th November 2018

The focus for this week in secret club was PE. Children participated in team building games, including a PE code cracker activity.

9th October 2018

The theme for this week in secret club was drawing.  The children created their own pictures consisting of three colours.  The challenge was to create a self portrait.

2nd October 2018

The children combined their ICT and maths skills in secret club this week. They created mazes for the beebots and gave the beebots instructions to move around the maze.