Curriculum News and Homework

We always try to keep you informed about our learning and what’s going on in school by sending home our topic webs, curriculum plans, information letters and texts, but if you’d like a reminder of what’s being taught each half term here’s our current Curriculum Plans. From Spring 2 2019 our homework tasks are shared at the end of these documents for Reception to Year 6. If you would like any more information about our curriculum at either school please contact your class teacher or either school office.



With these ‘information for parents’ booklets, you will find a plan to show the big picture of the work Reception children will be doing each term. Please share this with your child and try to get your child to answer a few of the questions each day.

Spring 2 2020

Reception Spring 2 Topic Web

Spring 1 2020

Reception Spring 1 Topic Web

Autumn 2 2019

Reception Autumn 2 Topic Web

Autumn 1 2019

Summer 2 2019

Summer 1 2019

Year 1
Year 2