Accelerated Reader

Accelerator reader (AR) is a reading scheme to promote word reading and comprehension. The books are banded according to progressive levels and matches the children’s reading needs and interests. Children take computerised quizzes on books that they have read to develop comprehension skills while reading a text. The aim is to earn over 80% on each quiz to show that they have a good comprehension of the text and this is rewarded in points and then being able to progress to the next reading level. Children can become reading millionaires once they have read 1million words. This scheme leads on to the feeder High Schools in Dereham who use this also.

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Accelerator Reader Workshop

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A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader  - Autumn Term 2019

This term we have been looking at the range and number of books each child has been reading. We know there is plenty of choice as we have over £53000 worth of books in our library and in our classes!

We have listened to the children and bought books they have requested or on topics they have requested and it is good to see children reading a range of books, not only for accelerated reader, but also for pleasure!

It has been great to see so many children taking quizzes on their accelerated reading books this term, and really enjoying reading. Well done too, to classes FB3, TH4, AR5 and GG6 for achieving the highest number of points earned on quizzes taken so far since September.

Taking reading quizzes is really a vital part of enabling us to assess how well your children are understanding their reading books alongside all of our assessment in class too. Every week the teachers look at what has been read, and who has taken a quiz and how well they have done. They then talk to the children, and also when required to parents, to ensure every child is putting in the maximum effort they can to improve and develop their reading skills, reading stamina and reading comprehension.

The library is open before school, during lunch times and after school for them to take quizzes and change their books. Children are also able to use the computers in their classrooms to do quizzes. Please note that quizzes cannot be completed at home.

We look at the accuracy of the reading quizzes also. The children know what their score means – if they get 100% they need to choose a book at the higher end of their ZPD and if they get a low score they need to choose at the lower end of their ZPD. There are visual reminders of this in the library and in the classes. The reading quizzes show us how well a child has understood the content of the book, as reading is about more than just racing through a text.

Recently, Mrs Williams and Mrs Hughes spoke the children about how vital reading is to every part of our learning, and how much pleasure it can also bring. We talked about it being the key to all future learning, and developing reading skills and reading stamina is an important part of being successful at junior school, high school and beyond. Please do look at the power point that we showed them which is found below this article.

Huge congratulations go to Mark in year 4 for becoming our first Reading Millionaire this year, having read over one million words since the beginning of the school year! Currently, he has read over 1, 262, 714 words – well done Mark. Lets’ hope we have a few more millionaires soon!

If you have any questions about reading or how to support your child, please ask the class teacher.