National Nurturing Schools Award

Toftwood Infant and Junior School Federation – National Nurturing Schools Programme

In September 2016 Toftwood Junior School began it’s journey to become and nurturing school and Toftwood Infant School joined them on this journey in January 2017. When Toftwood Infant and Junior Schools federated in September 2017 both schools embarked upon completing their journey to achieve nurturing school status together.

Our aim, was to create one school community which supported, celebrated and nurtured our staff, children and families from the moment they join our schools.

The National Nurturing Schools Programme Standards are part of what ensures the children are at the heard of all we do. We always strive for the best outcomes for every child.

We are hoping to achieve Nurture School status in the academic year 2018-2019. Please keep checking back for updates as we complete our Nurture School journey.