Coronavirus Update 5 – 18th March 2020

Dear parents/carers

Today brings yet more changes and more absences from schools as families are self isolating in line with guidance from the Government to protect the wider community as well as themselves. The more staff we have absent, the less likely we can remain open but we are doing our absolute best here as we know some of our parents are key workers who are needed even more at this time. We are doing all we can to keep educating your children and keeping the schools open, even with massively reduced staffing. Please show some understanding of what we are trying to do in this time and please do not come in to the school or call the school being abusive. We don’t want gratitude as it is our job to do what we can for the children and we are willing to do this, but we would really appreciate a little compassion, especially if we have to make a judgement and call you to collect your child in line with guidance.

If you or child is off because you or someone in your family is ill, then please remember that everyone should self isolate. We have been told some of our children have been seen out in the park and visiting friends to play. Please understand this is a serious issue and they should not be out! They risk passing this on to others who may be vulnerable and this could be fatal for them. Please think of others at this time. If we all act sensibly the outcomes are better for everyone. Please note even if schools close, children should not be out if anyone is self isolating. Even if no one is self isolating, the children should be at home during school hours, carrying out their learning tasks. It is not a holiday!

We are also aware parents/carers are concerned they cannot work if children are off. We know this is a worry, but the guidance is clear. If they have a cough or a temperature they should not be in to stop the spread and the possibility of infecting others! Please let us all be considerate of others at this time and follow the guidance.

The guidance for vulnerable people, which includes those with asthma, is that they should socially distance themselves as they are more prone to catching the infection, but also would be more severely affected by this. Therefore we ask all parents of children with asthma to not send in their children for their own protection and to follow the government guidance to avoid serious complications for their child over the next twelve weeks. These absences would be authorised. Equally, we know some families have a vulnerable member of family at home, with a life limiting condition, and understandably do not want this to be passed on. If you are in this situation, please let us know and we can authorise an absence for this reason. We understand this is a concerning time for you and you want to do all you can.

We await more information and further information is being shared tonight by the Government.

We are closing the libraries down at both schools and we ask once books are finished they are returned. We will not be issuing new ones until further notice.

Please keep your child’s reading records at home. There is no need to send these in as we will not be rummaging through book bags for them at this time. Please continue to read with your child and to your child. There are lots of audio books available and books online and I am sure there are books at home too.

Please check the website regularly and make sure you can access the home learning pages on the coronavirus tab.

Let us all be considerate of others, follow the guidance and take care of each other. This is most certainly a time for patience and understanding.

Best wishes
Joanna Pedlow