Coronavirus Update 7 – Key workers March 19th 2020

Good morning everyone.

Just to let you know that we have not as yet had any guidance on what is a key worker. Your interpretation of this may be different to the Government list, but we will be following the Government guidance. Some of you may view your role is vital and you are a key worker, and although we do value a range of jobs and professions it is the Government making this decision and not us. We think it will say that BOTH parents have to be on the key worker list and not just one.

Please respect that we are working within the Government guidance around this. The reason they are closing schools is to protect the health of the entire country and this means people staying in and not going out or travelling or mixing with others unnecessarily. Those that know more than we do, in terms of Government Health Officials, have made this decision for a reason. School numbers are being kept to an absolute minimum so key workers, such as those in hospitals, can maintain their health and look after you or your family if you need them. If any of their children become ill because they have come into contact with another child in schools, then they cannot go to work to look after you or your loved ones.

We know also that children with a social worker can come to school and they have also mentioned children with EHCPs, but having those with EHCPs is dependent on having the right staff with the right training in school and some of these children are medically vulnerable and it is not advisable for them to be around lots of children and adults. We await further information on this also.

Therefore, please expect in terms of key workers that unless both parents are a key worker as set out by the Government your child cannot come to school. Please respect that and work within it.It is a difficult time for all of us, and we know you have worries or concerns, but this is more than a school closing because it has no heating, it is more than an inconvenience for working parents because of a snow day, it is a worldwide issue and we have to do as we are instructed for everyone’s sake.

Keep your children at home, keep them inside and keep them safe.Use the garden for fresh air and exercise but be please be considerate of others and do not go out in the community unnecessarily.

As soon as we have this information about key worker eligibility we will, of course, let you know.

Thank you for your patience and for the many kind words of support we have had. We really are doing our best for our children and families and can do no more.

Best wishes

Joanna Pedlow