Coronavirus Update Number 6 – following Prime Minister’s Announcement – 18th March 2020

Dear parents/carers

You may have heard the Prime Minister announcing tonight that schools will close at the end of the day on Friday, apart from for children with parents that are key workers or are vulnerable.

We as a federation heard this news at the same time as you did, we had no prior warning and we have not been given any information about this.

We do not know which professions are classed as key workers or the exact definition of vulnerable. This has not been shared with us. We know everyone who works plays an important role in society, but this will be based on a given list. We cannot have children in because parents need to work if they are not in classified key worker roles. Therefore, once the list has been shared with us, we will share it with you and how you can evidence this role. Please keep this in mind, as schools are closing due to a government directive and we must follow this. 

Please do not email us or ring us to ask questions about this – when we know we will tell you more. We will look at this tomorrow and make plans in line with whatever guidance we have. We cannot make these plans or move ahead with this if our email system crashes or our phone lines are constantly busy. Please await further information and keep in mind that the staff are only doing as directed and they are doing this to try and prevent unnecessary spreading of the disease and ensuring we are all looked after as well as we can in these hard times. We know you may be anxious about your jobs and your finances, and we understand this, but schools are closing for a valid reason, decided upon by highly trained medical professionals and other professionals who know far more than we do.

No matter what the guidance says, we can only have children in if it is safe to do so. If staff cannot come in because they are having to self isolate because they or a family member are unwell and we have unsafe staffing levels to open, we would have to close. If any children need specialist support we cannot have them in if we don’t have enough staff or if we don’t have staff trained in those specialisms. There is no guidance on this, nothing has been shared.

Whatever decisions we have to make, please accept them as we have no choice. 

Please do understand we are acting on information and guidance given. This is a serious situation. Unfortunately we are already having some verbally abusive behaviour from a very small minority of parents and this is unfair and unacceptable. We know people are worried and upset but please treat the staff with respect, they are all doing their very best.

Please keep an eye on your emails and on the website for further updates.

Be kind to each other
Joanna Pedlow