Important information about COVID 19 for all families

Dear parents/carers

Please read carefully the attached information on testing that has come directly from the Department for Education, the NHS, the Government and Public Health England.

The message is clear:

If anyone in your household has any of the three main symptoms, then the whole family and any support bubble has to isolate. It is not just the person with symptoms that has to isolate. This isolation happens until a negative test is received. Any person showing symptoms must get a test and everyone in the household isolates until a negative test is received. Only those with symptoms book a test.

Sadly this week school staff have had verbal abuse from some families when we have shared this information with them and this is not acceptable. We have been told this is all ‘nonsense’, it is inconvenient, it is only a cold and temperature, we are discriminating against families, it is all ‘over the top’. We have also been told that people cannot isolate because they need to go to work, pop to the shops etc and once won’t hurt. These are just a few of the comments we have had.

We know it is inconvenient to have to isolate, we know it is difficult to book a test, we know some families may find someone in the family always has some symptoms, we know you may have to isolate more than once. However, these are the rules and they are there for a reason.

What we are doing is clear:

Following the guidelines set out by the Government to try to play our part in limiting the spread of COVID 19.

We are also trying to keep our schools open. We have so many systems in place to make it safe, but we have to be able to rely on our families to do the right thing for all of the children, staff and families in our Federation.

Therefore, please help us to keep everyone as safe as possible by following the Government rules about when to get a test and when to isolate. If you as a parent/carer have a symptom, do not send your children to school. If anyone in your family shows symptoms, please follow the guidance, stay at home and book a test. We have many families who have vulnerable family members, children who are having hospital treatment, staff with medical vulnerabilities and by following the rules we can keep them all as safe as possible and keep our schools open.

We are so fortunate to have the support of families in following the rules, wearing masks at drop off and pick up, and doing all we have asked to keep everyone as safe as possible. We are truly grateful for that.

Please note if you are contacted by test and trace as you have had contact with someone who has tested positive, they will give clear instruction and this will be to isolate for 14 days. You only then have a test if symptoms show.

Please do read carefully the attached guidance.

Best wishes

Joanna Pedlow