Parent/Carer Coronavirus Update 2 – 15th March 2020

Dear parents/carers

This is an update to our previous information to keep you aware of what is happening in our schools.

Please be aware that we are taking what we feel to be sensible precautions, and following government and public health England advice. I have also been in direct contact with around 50 other Heads over the weekend, all sharing advice and thoughts on this as we follow Government guidance to keep schools open. 

Following on from last week, please do ensure your child has washed their hands thoroughly before coming to school every day and also that they do the same when they come home. We are promoting hand washing in our schools too. If you do have a hand sanitiser you wish your child to bring in for use in school, please label it with their name and it will be kept in the class box.

Please make sure your child has a filled water bottle – water only – in school for drinking during the day as the water fountains are not in use.

From Monday 16th March, if your child attends Hoots breakfast or after school club, you will not be allowed into the school building but will need to drop off and collect your child from the external door at juniors and from the security door in the office area at Infants. This will reduce the number of people coming into our schools. 

When bringing your child to and collecting your child from school, can we please ask that only one person per family comes with the child. Evidently, you may need to bring younger children, but in terms of adults, please limit this to one person per family. If you do have to bring younger children, then please ensure you keep them with you at all times and do not allow them to run off in the playgrounds or to use the play equipment etc.

If you have to self isolate it may be useful to link with friends/other parents etc to have arrangements for getting children to school. Evidently, we only suggest this possibly with other parents/carers that you know and are comfortable and confident with, but by sharing drop off and collection times it may mean that we can have less people in the playgrounds. lf you have to follow advice and self isolate for your self or your child then please note that this does mean not leaving the house for the entire period, including coming to school at drop off or collection times.

Swimming lessons are cancelled until further notice. There are a range of reasons for this, and although we are aware it is believed that the chlorine would kill coronavirus/Covid 19, we are aware that the public swim at the same time and we think that this, along with other considerations, means it is sensible to cancel swimming until further notice.

Our parent consultations are also cancelled. Having such a large number of people coming in is not sensible at this time, and many schools have also made this decision. We have shared the Spring term report card with you which outlines your child’s strengths and areas for development, along with ways to help them. In addition to this you had an autumn term report card. Please keep up the regular reading, TT rockstars for Years 2-6 and some children in Year 1, my maths for years 3-6 and work on purple mash. Please make sure you have all of your log ins.

We will be reviewing other events planned, and will let you know of any changes once we have had the opportunity to do so.

Please help us to ensure staff can focus on the essential tasks at this busy time by doing the following:

  1. Making sure you phone in before 9am if your child is absent from school. Please make sure the reason is clear. If it is self isolation, please make sure you say this. If it is illness, as always please leave the details. Doing this will ensure we can track what is happening and also that staff don’t waste valuable time phoning to find out where a child is, or having to do a home visit if we can’t get an answer to our phone calls when trying to ensure we know where all children are.
  2. Make sure your child has all of their belongings when they come to school – lunches, snack money, PE kit, glasses, coats! Anything and everything they need. Again, this will save valuable staff time having to ring to request them or taking them to classes
  3. Only coming to the office in person if you have to. As much as we love to see you, we will be very busy ensuring we keep up with advice and meeting the needs of our school community, so please do not be offended if we don’t have as much time to chat as usual! 
  4. Junior parents – paying in advance for your lunches! Unfortunately we still have a very small number of parents/carers who do not do this, and although there are 2 reminders sent a day, staff are still having to phone for payments. Please help us to focus on the children and the requirements at this time by keeping your account up to date.
  5. Making sure your phone numbers and contacts are up to date, If yours have changed please send in a change of contact form or email the school office.

We realise that this is an unusual time for all of us, and that people may be concerned or worried, but we are doing all we can to take a sensible approach to this for everyone.

Thank you for your support at this time. Please keep an eye on the website for information and updates using the link on the front page.

Best wishes

Joanna Pedlow