Amazing Art Display – Autumn 2020

The children at Toftwood Junior School have made a great start again with their Art.

Year 3 have been studying the artist Antoni Gaudi. The children have looked at lots of examples of his artwork and have created their own artwork in the style of Gaudi by making repeated patterns. The children then learnt how to draw on a polystyrene tile using various tools. Finally, they painted the tile to create a repeating pattern. The finished designs look delightful!

Year 4 combined Art and Design Technology for their first project. After looking at lots of images of Roman mosaics and learning all about them, the children began working on their designs. The children then selected their final design and added labels describing how they could adapt and improve their idea. They then started the huge task of creating their design out of tiny pieces of paper called tesserae, which the children had to cut, remembering to leave small gaps in between. The finished mosaics look amazing Year 4. These mosaics have been added to the top of a cake stand, which the children have made as part of D.T.

Year 5 started the new term by using a range of pencil grades to demonstrate basic drawing techniques. This then progressed to drawing cubes and spheres and experimenting with lighter and darker shading techniques, first with pencils and then oil pastels. The final stage was for the children to create a sunset using watercolours to make a background before a collage of Stonehenge was added. The results look amazing, the contrast between the stones and the sunset are brilliant. Well done Year 5.

Year 6 have started the new school year by designing Greek mythical creatures. Their designs included detailed labels that explained how they would create the features out of clay. As you can see from the photographs, their finished clay creatures look fantastic.