Art Autumn 2 2023


In reception we have been exploring the creative areas to make lots of artwork. We have also been working on explaining what we have made and sharing our knowledge of how to make things with others. We have explored lots of different materials and media whilst using our imaginations to create with purpose. 

During our ‘Celebrations’ topic work we looked at pictures of fireworks and created our own firework art using brushes, cardboard tubes, paint and glitter.

Year 1

In Year 1 this half term, the children have been using different materials to print in order to see which material gave them the best texture for painting snow. The children then selected their favourite material to make a snow globe with them inside. The children also found out which colours mixed together to make other colours.

Year 2

In Autumn 1 the children have learnt about the Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. The children have taken inspiration from his Starry Night painting and have sketched and painted their own versions. The children have focused on including the swirling paintings and deep colours that he used in his own.

We also had a go at using chalk and oil pastels to create a day and night picture. The children worked on their blending to create some beautiful pieces of art. They also incorporated the shadow of a tree to show it both in the day and at night.