Art Autumn 2 2023


Year 3 Autumn term

Year 3 have focussed on developing their sketching skills using the techniques above to work on texture, line and tone when sketching a variety of Egyptian artefacts.

As part of a cross curricular theme, we looked at some of the works of Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is a famous artist, architect and is often referred to as “God’s architect”. Adfter learning about his work the children were inspired to create their own repeating patterns using nature as a muse.

Year 4 Autumn term

Year 4 have focussed on the ancient world of Rome and have replicated beautiful mosaics from this period. They have created a 3D piece of artwork, combining this with their Design and Technology unit. Year 4 made mosaic cake stand.

They challenged themselves by creating their own tesserae using foam squares and reducing the size of these to recreate the small pieces of tile used by Ancient Roman artists. The children sketched their mosaic in their sketchbooks before recreating it with the tesserae.

Year 5 Autumn term

Year 5 have linked their artwork with their science unit on planets and shadows. They have created a piece of art using watercolours, focussing on the techniques of tinting and shading. We have considered different shading techniques such as, hatching, cross-hatching, scribbling and stippling. They have explored the use of both oil pastels and watercolours as medium to create artwork with and have created their own watercolour sunset of Stonehenge.

Year 6 Autumn term

Year 6, focussed their art around the history unit of World War 2. Recreating images of paratrooper paintings by using mixed media and collage techniques.