Art Autumn 2022


In reception we have been exploring the creative areas to make lots of artwork. We have also been working on explaining what we have made and have practised sharing our knowledge of how to make things with others. We have been working hard at practising our safe scissor skills and using our imaginations to create with purpose. To celebrate Diwali we created our own diva lamps out of clay and decorated them using sequins. 


We have also been looking at birthdays and have made cakes using playdough, collaging with materials such as buttons, sequins and felt and even had a go at drawing and writing our very own birthday cards.


Year 1

This term, the children have been using paint to create pictures. They drew their favourite animal and then used paint to add colour. The children really enjoyed thinking about their favourite animal and its characteristics such as how many legs it has and what colour it is and including this in their picture. The children have also been able to create snow globes using printing techniques to add snow to their creation. The children enjoyed imagining what it would be like inside a snow globe and using this to inspire their own snow globe.

Year 2 Autumn 2022

During our Art lessons in Year 2 we looked at who Vincent Van Gogh was and the style of his paintings, to widen our knowledge of artists. When creating our own versions of Starry Night we created swirls with our brushstrokes to give a similar effect and carefully selected an appropriate colour palette for our piece.

We also had a go at using chalk and oil pastels to create a day and night picture. The children worked on their blending to create some beautiful pieces of art. They also incorporated the shadow of a tree to show it both in the day and at night.