Art & Design Autumn Term 2022

Year 3, Autumn 2 2022

In Art this half term, the children have exercised their sketching skills by applying last half term’s work on texture, line and tone, when sketching Ancient Egyptian and Hindu artefacts from our History and R.E. units this term.

Year 4, Autumn 2 2022

Year 4 created a Mosaic, we were inspired by our history topic of the Romans. We used experimented with different colours and tile sizes in our sketch books before creating our mosaic using small paper tiles – known as tesserae – to create our final piece of art.

Year 6, Autumn 2 2022

In Year 6, we have been using our history topic of Ancient Greece as a stimulus for our art and DT. We wrote about mythological beasts and used our knowledge to design and make a Greek creature from clay. First, we thought about how to create different textures and then what details we needed to add.