Art Summer 1


In Reception this half term, we have been exploring art both in class and outside in Ted’s Den. We have been experimenting with different materials including pipe cleaners, buttons, gems, pebbles, leaves and sticks to make our artwork. We had to think carefully about the material we chose to represent different elements in our art frames!

Year 1

In Year One we have been looking at the artist Jackson Pollock during our Planet and Beyond topic. We learnt about the techniques he used in his artwork and had a go at creating some of our own splatter paintings. We discovered that flicking the paint created lots of different patterns including lines, dots and curves. We had so much fun making our Pollock inspired galaxy paintings!

We also looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and created our own sculptures out of natural materials on the school grounds. We used leaves, grass, stones and feathers to make pictures on the playground.

The children also used natural materials to weave. They found natural objects and weaved these between some pieces of string to create some lovely pictures. They also used the leaves to print into clay.

Year 2 We have been very busy in Year Two this half term. We explored the artwork of the American artist Andy Warhol, as part of our Art Around the World topic. We drew our own pictures and photocopied them to make four exact copies, in the style of Warhol. We then experimented with oil pastels to add bold colours to our work.

We then learnt about Australasian aboriginal ‘dreamings’. We explored some material with aboriginal prints to look at the colours and techniques used. We cut out bold designs and symbols in black sugar paper to create waterholes, footsteps, people and animal tracks in our dreamings. We noticed aboriginal paintings use lots of repeating dot patterns, which we then incorporated into our own art by dipping the ends of paintbrushes into paint.

The children also created some paintings inspired by the continent of Asia. We were inspired by the cherry blossoms that can be found in Asia throughout the Spring and the children recreated these with paint. They thought carefully about the colours they would need and were successful when mixing red and white to create the perfect shade of pink.