Autumn 2020 Geography


Reception children have been very busy exploring their immediate environment, including talking about animals and plants in their outdoor area, which is known as ‘Ted’s Den’. They have also learnt about harvest.

During child- initiated learning time, some children have found out about other countries. Other children made their own treasure maps, then used them to search for treasure in Ted’s Den.

Year one

Year one children studied a world map and discussed the continents. They then identified where we are on the map and where the Arctic and Antarctica are. This built on from our Science lessons where they had been learning about polar animals and the adaptations they have to survive in cold climates. As a class they discussed how we thought people survived in cold climates. The children thought about the clothing and shelter required to keep people safe. They focused on the Inuit people, their diet, modes of transport and hobbies. The children were intrigued and thought about the similarities and differences between their lifestyles and the lifestyles of the Inuit people. This lead to the children wanting to learn more about people who had been to the North and South Pole.

Child looking at a world map

Polar bear with cubs in snow

Year two

Year two children have been locating significant landmarks in Norwich and comparing old and new landmarks. Work included using google maps.