Battle of the Bookworms

On Monday 20th of May some children from years 5 and 6 participated in Battle of the Bookworms at Northgate High School. We sent two teams: Toftwood 1 which had Macey from GB6, Abigail GG6, William EW5, and Heather KH6 ; the other team from our school was Toftwood 2. This team had Ellie KH6, Orson GB6, Lily GB6 and Reeva RL5. There were also teams from 4 other schools.

The Battle of the Bookworms is a reading competition. There were 5 categories, each with 6 questions. We won a point for each questions we got correct, and the team with the most points at the end won. The teams from our school did amazingly well – Toftwood 2 came 3rd place and toftwood 1 came 1st place! The winners of the competition will get their school name engraved on the trophy.

“I love reading, so this was so much fun to participate in” Abigail GG6.