Computing Autumn Term 2023

Year 3

In Computing, the children have been introduced to networks and have been exploring each week how they operate. This has included learning about the features of a device and considering the inputs, processes and outputs a device may have. The children have consolidated their understanding of the purposes of different digital devices, as well as comparing artwork created in real life to one created digitally.

Year 4

This half term we have been learning the computer science concept of ‘sequence’ and understanding this means being careful to put the order in which things are done. We have had lots of fun learning the block code language, Scratch. We have been careful to program the blocks one after the other to make the correct sequence for the computer to understand and execute. We have used the knowledge of sequencing to create a game that uses inputs from a keyboard to control a Sprite to move around a maze and to draw a line.

Year 5

In Computing in Year 5, the children have been creating and editing videos. Year 5 began the topic by looking at different videos and analysing and comparing them. Children then discussed different filming techniques:  

●        Long shot – filming one person, showing their whole body and where they are 

●        Moving subject – a person moving from one place to another 

●        Side by side – filming two people at the same time 

Year 5 then planned their own video on how to stay safe online using a storyboard. The children then filmed their videos using iPads in groups using the different filming techniques. Year 5 concluded the topic by re-watching and evaluating their videos.  

Year 6

This term in Year 6 we have been working on coding. We gave clear instructions, known as algorithms. We focused on repetition, selection and conditional selection. We used Purple Mash to complete set activities to practise using the algorithms and using different variables to complete different tasks. We created our own games involving the variables such as timers and directions through Purple Mash. We then looked at and focused on Online Safety and how to keep others and ourselves safe online. We reflected on our screen time use and how this can affect our wellbeing.