Reception pupils have been learning how to use a computer mouse to control a program. We have been using a drawing program on Purple Mash to learn how to control the mouse and click the mouse button to select a different colour. We have also used various programs to learn help us with our Maths and English lessons.

Year 1

In the Spring term, Year 1s have been learning all about grouping data. Pupils learned to use labels to sort objects into the correct groups. Pupils then had to decide on their own categories to sort the data in to groups. Finally, pupils were to answer questions about data they had sorted.

Year 2

The children in Year 2s were technology to manipulate digital content by making simple animations. The classes have read the ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies and the children used the animation program 2create to draw pictures to go with the story. Some children even added in animations and voice clips.