Computing from the Spring Term 2022

Year 3

Pupils in Year 3 have been learning the computer science concept of ‘sequence’ in their coding lessons. Pupils used the block-based platform Scratch to design a sequence of code to move a Sprite (character) around a background using input from a keyboard.

Each class also had a 1-hour lesson delivered by Mr Skilton, a teacher from Dereham Netheard High School, on behalf of the Digital Schoolhouse project. In this lesson, each class had a go at following a set of instructions in a sequence to make a face using Play-doh. The pupils had lots of fun!

Year 4

Pupils in Year 4 have been creating digital content to accomplish a goal. They have been using an online photo-editing software called Pixlr to digitally manipulate photographs and text to fit the brief of a creating a book cover for their English myth story. Pupils have had a lot of fun learning to crop images, add layers to create a composition and use photo-editing effects to change the style of their final image.

Year 5

In Year 5, pupils have been learning how to store and search for data in a database. Pupils have learned what a record is and how records store several pieces of data in each of the fields. Pupils have learned how to sort the records by the field name to make searching a database much easier. Finally, pupils have asked real-world questions about the data stored in their database.

Year 6

Year 6 have been learning to store and analyse data in a spreadsheet. Pupils have learned about the different types of data that can be stored in each cell of a database, such as words, numbers, dates, images and sounds. When creating their own spreadsheet, pupils needed to ensure that their data was in the correct format (eg for a time period). Pupils then learned how to reference a cell containing data when they wrote a calculation in MS Excel to perform multiplication.