Computing in the Autumn Term


The children Reception have been using a range of different technology to develop their computing skills. They have been using the interactive screens to mark make as well as helping to develop their mouse and keyboard skills. The children have also been using programs such as  to help with hearing initial sounds and blending words. Some children have been exploring the use of different technologies such as cameras and smart watches!

Year 1

The year 1 children have been creating their own simple algorithms (a clear and precise set of instructions for a computer). They have learnt how to follow algorithms as well as writing their own using positional language.

Year 2

During the autumn term, the year 2 children have enjoyed making their own stop animation movies using the kindles. Their short stories were based on their own superhero and were planned during literacy lessons which involved the children having to establish a setting, props and dilemma. The children really enjoyed filming them and using the stop animate app.

The children have also started to use Purple Mash to improve their maths and spelling skills. Remember to use your login to access it at home too and use the link below: