Computing in the Summer Term 2019


This term, the children in nursery have been learning how to use paint programmes and have completed searches using kiddle. Some of the children searched information about toucans and others on how to build a wormery.


The children in reception have enjoyed going to the Computing Suite for the first time this term. They enjoyed using the website, Purple Mash and drew some lovely drawings to improve their mouse skills. They learnt how to open a new page, hold a mouse correctly and have fun with the different paint tools!

Year 1

The year 1 children have been using the website purple mash to draw pictures about their favourite things during their time in year 1, They were able to use different tools and developed their mouse skills. They also write a sentence about their favourite thing to improve their keyboard skills.

Year 2

During the year 2 topic Art around the World, the children have enjoyed making resources for their art exhibition including badges and posters using the program textease. They also enjoyed researching the artists whose work they have been recreating using the search tools on the computers and using the kindles.