Computing Spring 2024

Year 3

In Computing, Year 3 have continued to consolidate their prior knowledge of Scratch and how it is used, and further developing this. This has involved adding more than one character to their game and including a variety of motions, operated by a number of keys on the laptop rather than by just a click as practised in Spring 1, in order to have more than one character at once. The children have greatly enjoyed their learning in Scratch, and have learned a range of skills which will benefit them as they move into their next year group.

Year 4

This term in year 4 we have been learning how to edit pictures and understand the term copyright. They have using an online software called The children have been writing Myth and Legend stories in English and have designed front covers for their stories by using their newly learnt picture editing skills. They have really enjoyed learning how to layer pictures on top of each other and learning how to use filters to change the mood of their picture.

Year 5

This term, Year 5 have been focusing on coding as well as using data bases. When coding, we used Scratch to make a questionnaire. The children worked with their partners to use condition and selection. When using databases, the children were able to filter data numerically, as well as alphabetically, and to search databases using specific criteria about mini beasts and dinosaurs. The children were able to explain that computer databases were much easier to sort as opposed to paper data bases.

Year 6

Year 6 have been working on Spreadsheets this term. We used MS Excel to input data, write formulas and duplicate the formula across to fill in cells. We have also used the data and formulas to complete different input and outputs from this, including finding the sum and average of given details.

We also explored online profiles and online relationships, discussing what was safe to share, why people might share online and the feelings that might be resultant of sharing for different purposes.