Computing Summer Term 2023

Year 1

This term, Year One have been creating our own e-books. The children have been using Purple Mash’s ‘2Create a Story’ feature to write and illustrate their own story. Firstly, the children created their characters and typed out their sentences. Then they animated their characters so that they could move as the story was read. The children also added sounds to bring their stories to life.

Year 2

This half term the children have focused on using technology to manipulate digital photography. The children have explored taking photos on their tablets and have done so for a variety of different stills/scenes. They have completed a photography bingo and have taken selfies, close up photos, action shots and pictures of landscapes. We spoke about taking landscape and portrait pictures. See some of the photographs they have taken below!

The children have also been discussing copyright/ownership, and how we have to have permission to share things online. We have spoken about what can, and cannot be shared.