Computing Summer Term 2023

Year 3

In the Summer term, Year 3 have covered stop-motion animation and branching databases. The Year 3s loved taking a sequence of pictures

To make a branching database, pupils first learned how to ask specific yes/no closed questions. We then looked at the characteristics that we could sort our data into. Pupils then created a paper branching database where they physically sorted pictures of animals with different characteristics such as diet, colour or habitat. Finally pupils transferred this branching database to our online software on J2E.

Year 4

We have been learning digital photo editing and using an online software called We have loved learning how to upload a photo, crop an image and change filters to make it look really interesting!

Year 5

The children enjoying using micro:bits, which is a small device that can be plugged into a laptop. The children have learned to write algorithms to programme the micro:bit, in order to get an output in the micro:bit in the form of a LED display, or a sound.

We have also studied Systems, learning about the computer processes behind things we may take for granted, such as how sensors instruct zebra crossings, and the system involved when we place an order at home on a device, and then collecting it a few days later at an Amazon locker. The children have also investigated searching on the World Wide Web, using two different search engines to find results for simple search terms such as ‘boot’, ‘sale’ and ‘rugby’, and learning how to refine a search to find more exact results.

Year 6

Year 6 been concentrating on online safety this half term in preparation for moving to High School We have been using the online platform Project Evolve to focus on health, well-being and lifestyle, copyright and ownership and privacy and security.