Computing Summer Term 2024


The children in Reception have been busy exploring BeeBots in the summer term and learning how to programme them to move them along a road or map. They have also been mark making with them and seeing if they could create different lines, shapes and letters!

They have also been visiting the computing suite and learning how to use a mouse by playing games which involve practising how to click.

“If the eyes are red it means it’s dead. We need to put it on charge.” Jack

“I made all those circles. If you press that one (the right arrow) lots of times then press go, it goes round and round.” Jonah

Year 1

This term, the children in Year 1 have been creating their own eBooks. They drew their characters and typed out their story. Then they added animations, sounds and a background. Finally, the children have shared their stories with their friends. The children have also been looking at what technology is and how they can use it. We have also discussed how the children can stay safe online and why they need to keep their personal information private.

Year 2

In Summer 1 the children have been focusing on the information technology unit of taking photos. They have thought about whether to capture an image in portrait, or landscape, whether the subject is in focus and centred, and what lighting makes the best photo! P:\Photos for Evidence\Computing\23-24\Year 2\Summer 1\L1-2\RP2\IMG_5867.JPG

P:\Photos for Evidence\Computing\23-24\Year 2\Summer 1\L3-4\EB2\IMG_0807.JPG

In In Summer 2 they have furthered their typing knowledge and have used laptops to write sentences about the Toftwood Tate. They wrote what their favourite piece of art was and the children did an excellent job of increasing their literacy on this digital device.

P:\Photos for Evidence\Computing\23-24\Year 2\Summer 2\RP2\IMG_6032.JPG