Design and Technology Spring 2022

D.T. Spring Term Year 3

This term, Year 3 have designed, created and evaluated their own seed bags. They have created their own template and have used this to cut the fabric for their seed bags. They have chosen which stitch they would like to use in the creation of their seed bag – choosing either overcast or back stitch.

The seed bag was then completed with a Velcro fastener to ensure the seeds did not fall out. The children worked hard to produce a workable seed bag. They have evaluated their seed bag, commenting on the areas they felt could be improved and those they were pleased with.

Food Technology

We have also completed a Food Technology project, working in small groups to create healthy flapjacks.

The children focussed on the following skills:

To read and follow a simple recipe.

To follow basic food hygiene and safety rules.

To know how to get ready for cooking (wash and dry hands, tied long hair back, clean surfaces).

To know how to clean after cooking.

Using weighing scales and with supervision using a knife for cutting

To mix, stir and combine liquid and dry ingredients.

To evaluate finished product and identify how to improve it.

The children made healthy flapjacks, using dairy free spread, dates, pumpkin seeds, grated apple as well as lemon and maple syrup. They very carefully weighed the ingredients using the scales and spoons. Each child took their healthy snack home at the end of the day, to show their grown-ups and wrote their evaluation the following day. All the children enjoyed working on their Food Technology project and displayed fantastic team-work as they followed the recipe cards on their tables.

DT Spring Term Year 4

Year 4 have had a fabulous time cooking fish cakes; learning the D&T cooking skills of peeling and coating.

We started by peeling and cutting potatoes into chunks, before boiling them and mashing them.

We added this to tuna and grated lemon peel, finally flavouring it with parsley. We then scooped a handful of this mixture to press into a fish cake. We then practiced the skill of coating these fish cakes in to Rice Krispies to learn to how to create a coating.

The fish cakes went in to the oven for 20 minutes and we were able to take them home to taste them. They were delicious!

D.T. Spring Term Year 5

Food Technology

Year 5 have been cooking as part of their DT studies, learning to use a range of cooking tools safely and confidently. The children were regularly washing their hands as they shared utensils. The children discussed preparation techniques for different vegetables and learnt how to peel, chop, sieve and grate them, safely. They liked the colourful mixture of healthy ingredients.

First they made a vegetarian Mayan style broth; they carefully selected the ingredients they would need-especially the sweetcorn. They enjoyed tasting this with a tortilla. They then evaluated them, thinking how they could amend them for another time.

Next we made a vegetarian burger, carefully measuring out the ingredients and working with a different consistency. Once these were baked in the oven, the children enjoyed eating them in a bread roll, outside in the sunshine.