Dinosaur Day 2022

In the morning, Year 3 researched which dinosaur they wanted to create a silhouette of.  Once they had decided on their dinosaurs, they free drew it/them on black paper.  Next, they created a vibrant sunset using watercolours to wash the paper.  Finally, Year 3 positioned the dinosaur/s on their sunset and glued it in place.

In the afternoon, each child chose a dinosaur skeleton to draw.  This they sketched on black A3 paper and then carefully glued art straws cut to the requisite length to make the skeletons.

On Dinosaur Day, Year 4 focussed on creating a splatter painting of their favourite dinosaur. First, the children had to cut out a template and stick it to a piece of card. Then we were able to flick paint at the paper to create the splatter technique! We are so proud of how these have turned out and the children were particularly excited to take the stencil off and reveal the finished product.

In Year 5, each class were shown a picture of a T-Rex that they were going to replicate. Each class were split into four groups and the picture was divided into four sections. Using an iPad, each group took photographs of objects to match the colours on their section of the picture. Back in the classroom, the children were shown how to edit and crop the photographs ready to be printed and used in the afternoon.

After break, the children had the task of designing and making their own 3D clay dinosaur model. The children were shown many different types of dinosaur and they recorded any features that they would like to incorporate in to their design. The children produced a wide variety of interesting and creative models.

“I enjoyed making the clay dinosaur because it was fun to sketch our design and to try the different skills out on the clay.” – Rose

In the afternoon, the children got back into their groups and were given a large version of their part of the picture. Using the photographs taken in the morning, the children cut each photograph in to squares to re-create their section of the picture. The children worked creatively and showed great perseverance to complete the task.

Each class created an amazing replica of the original picture, well done Year 5!

Year 6 used their sewing skills to design and create small dinosaur toys. The children used a variety of stitches including running and cross-stitch to secure their pieces of felt together. They decorated their dinosaurs with additional pieces of felt, buttons and beads. The children then used stuffing inside of their felt creations to bring them to life. They were all very pleased with the final outcome!