DT Spring 2021

Whilst learning at home and at school this term, there has still been the chance for the children to design and create. 

In Reception, the children have continued developing their creative skills and fine motor abilities. They have been able to explore using different materials to build and create with, linking to their fantasy and animals topic. Children have designed with a purpose and enjoyed sharing their creations online with everyone to receive compliments and ask questions. This is the start of how Reception children begin to evaluate what themselves and others have done, and we were able to continue this virtually this term.  

Year 1 

In Year 1 the children discussed traveling around on the moon in a moon buggy. They looked at some photos of moon buggies and talked about what features a moon buggy would need such as wheels and a steering wheel.  The children then worked hard as they designed and made their own moon buggies and tested them in motion. 

Year 2 

In Year 2 the children talked about different ways of travel. The children learnt about parachutes and designed their own. They thought about what materials would be best to use and how to ensure their parachute would fly and support a toy. The children chose their own materials to make their parachutes and tested them to see if their design and build had been successful. They then evaluated their parachutes and thought about what they would do differently next time.