DT Summer Term

Year 3

We designed, created and evaluated a seed bag using a number of materials and stitches (running, over and back-stitch). We also made a meatless pasty, making out own dough, gravy, and filling. They were absolutely delicious and as one child said “I was surprised I liked them because they didn’t have any meat in them!”

Year 4

We designed, created and evaluated our very own hand puppets, using felt and cotton thread. We used a variety of stitches running and blanket stitch. The children used the hot glue gun to seal facial accessories to puppet and make them realistic.

For our final Food technology project, we made veggie chilli, learning that the carrot needed to be chopped much smaller than they were! Despite the large chunks, the chilli was delicious and many children were keen to re-create this at home.

Year 5

We made a wall hanging highlighting the plastic pollution crises in our seas. The children demonstrated excellent sewing skills consolidating on their prior knowledge of stitches using a running stitch to create a wave effect and then used the same stitches to sew their felt ‘realistic and abstract’ creatures onto the wall hanging.

Year 6

As part of our topic on World War 2, the children designed and made Anderson Shelters. They used their measuring, cutting and design skills to create their shelters and then evaluated them based upon their strength and appearance. The children worked very hard to make them look authentic; some even had little vegetables growing on the roof just as they did during the war.

The children also used their food tech skills to create a pizza which they served with a salad. They used chopping skills to create the topping, and weighing and kneading skills to create the pizza base. Everyone really enjoyed making their pizzas and especially loved eating them!

DT Spring Term

Year 3

Year 3 made healthy flapjacks, using many of our food technology skills to create these delicious little treats! We used oats, dates, cherries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds as well as a little golden syrup and a healthy unsaturated fat.

We also used our history knowledge of Stone Age dwellings to create a stone-age shelter. We used our measuring skills to ensure our roundhouse was in proportion to its roof. The children carefully moulded the clay then rolled it out using the rolling pins. They created their own template and then cut this out of the flat clay that they then sealed with water, after decorating the sides with a stone effect.

Year 4

The children have been using their geographical knowledge of maps and mountains alongside their scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to create electrical board games! They have put a lot of thought into the bright, eye catching design of their games and we have discussed how important it is for our “wires” (made from foil and masking tape) not to cross over so that the circuits are complete and the games work properly. The children have loved researching different mountains in Europe and then plotting them on their maps. Some of them were surprised to learn about the mountains we have in the United Kingdom!

We also used our Food Technology skills to create fishcakes – using tuna, potatoes, sweetcorn and breadcrumbs. The children found it enjoyable to make these and most were brave enough to try them – surprising themselves by finding them tasty!

Year 5

We focused on our food technology skills and created veggie burgers as well as lemon drizzle cupcakes. We used all of the skills from our prior learning to create these yummy dishes.