English Summer 2023

Year 3

In the summer term, year three have been focussing on writing biographies, persuasive letters and non-chronological reports. 

After completing our research, we wrote a biography on Mary Anning – who is our focus scientist in Year 3.  Next, we wrote a persuasive letter to the Council explaining why they should / should not build houses 

First of all, we read all about the Tongo Lizard before creating our own fantastic beasts – a hybrid of existing animals. Some were very formidable! We then thought carefully about creating headings and organising information to write in note form. Once this was done, we created a non-chronological report on our own beast.  

Following this, we used our volcano knowledge to create a non-chronological report on ‘Vicious Volcanoes’, organising everything we knew into different sub headings and paragraphs. We also created a glossary for all that new technical vocabulary.  

Year 4

This term we are learning how to write diary entries using the book ‘Voices in the Park’ as a stimulus. The children have enjoyed reading the story and analysing the different character perspectives and how this shapes the story line. They have focussed on skills such as; informal language, first person, past tense and inference to create a series of diary entries in the voice of a character from our book.

Year 5

During the summer term, year 5 have studied Traditional Tales. We explored three Traditional Tales: The Musicians of Bremen, 
Rumpelstiltskin and The Iron Man. The children enjoyed the repetitiveness of particular sentences. After exploring what makes a good Traditional Tale, the children then started to write their own in the style of The Iron Man. They carefully considered the different features and were able to confidently develop their character and setting.

Year 6

This half term we have been using our English lessons to practise reading and performing a play for our end of year presentation. We have focussed on reading the script for meaning, speaking loudly, clearly and confidently (taking notice of punctuation to enhance meaning) and adding expression to our reading. We then had to learn our lines and deliver them in front of an audience. We really enjoyed doing this and some of us discovered hidden theatrical talents!