European Day of Languages 26th September 2018

Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about where different countries are this half term as part of their ‘Around the World’ topic. As part of the European day of languages on Wednesday 26th September we developed our learning from our topic lesson and learnt how to say hello in 9 different languages and looked at the flags for each country. We wrote the country next to each flag and practised singing a song to help us learn the different greetings.

Year 4

Year Four had a great time learning about the number of countries and languages in Europe. We used our research skills to find out how to say Hello and goodbye in different European countries. We then created a table or list of the greetings we discovered and shared them with each other. We found out that some European countries do not use the same writing systems as we do in Britain. We were particularly fascinated with the Greek and Russian writing systems.

Year 5

Year 5 played a matching game where they had to match phrases to the country and its flag. We had children demonstrating their knowledge of other languages and enjoyed hearing fluent Polish and Portuguese being spoken. It was useful to use our knowledge of other languages to try to work out what the phrases might mean.

Year 6

To celebrate European Day of Languages 2018, Year 6 completed fact files about a European country that they were interested in. This gave us lots of new knowledge about some countries that we did not know much about. Some of us used our dictionary skills to learn that certain words that we use in everyday speech have a European origin. For example, we learnt that the word ‘very’ originates from France and means ‘extremely’. Year 6 also completed a quiz which tested their knowledge of the celebration. We were fascinated to learn that there are over 200 European languages spoken!