Geography Spring Term 2021

Year 6:

Year 6 have enjoyed their Amazing Americas topic this term. They have really impressed us with their general knowledge about North and South America. The children have also worked hard to label the countries and use their research skills to find out interesting facts. We have looked at maps on a range of scales and thought about the different information that different types of maps can tell us.

Year 5:

The children have worked really hard at home to learn all about the continent of South America. They have learned about the physical and human features across the continent looking specifically at cities in Brazil, the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River. The children enjoyed planning a three-day trip to a Brazilian city of their choice where they thought carefully about where to visit and what they would need to pack. They also compared a city in the UK (Liverpool) with a city in Argentina (Buenos Aires) looking at buildings, climate, the position of the city, the closest ocean and population. They were then given the challenge to represent all of their findings in a Venn diagram. It’s been a busy half term!

Year 4:

Year 4 have been learning about physical and human features. We explored these geographical features around the U.K. and Italy. We have been identifying the key topographical features of mountains and mountain ranges. We have also researched how the five types of mountains were formed, creating labelled diagrams and locating different types of mountains on a map of Europe.

Year 3:

At the beginning of the Spring term, children in Year 3 investigated land use in both urban and rural areas. They looked at the physical and human geographical features of different regions of the UK and how different types of land are used for different things, including agriculture.

We also looked at our local area and explored the areas of Toftwood and Dereham. We located our school and the surrounding human and physical features on a map.