Geography Spring Term 2023

This half term, year 4 have been working on a very exciting cross-curricular project. The children have been using their geographical knowledge of maps and mountains alongside their scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to create electrical board games! They have put a lot of thought into the bright, eye catching design of their games and we have discussed how important it is for our “wires” (made from foil and masking tape) not to cross over so that the circuits are complete and the games works properly. The children have loved researching different mountains in Europe and then plotting them on their maps. Some of them were surprised to learn about the mountains we had in the United Kingdom!  

Year 5 enjoyed studying South America. They started by recapping the map work and atlas skills, familiarising themselves with continents, oceans, then of countries within South America. Using globes, they were fascinated with the scale of the UK compared to South America. The children learnt about the Amazon River and other natural and man-made features. They took part in a deforestation debate, taking on the roles of various departments to get a balanced argument from different perspectives.

This unit was enhanced by linking our recount writing in Literacy, where the children learnt about the life of a child who lives in the rainforest, and the impact and threat that deforestation has on community.

This term in geography, year 6 have been learning about the continent of North America We have identified the countries that make up North America and used maps to create 3D models of the state of Hawaii. We identified the features of Hawaii that were natural and man-made and recreated one of the islands that create the state. Each group made a different island.

M:\2022-2023\Year 6\KH6\Hawaii\IMG_2684.JPG
M:\2022-2023\Year 6\KH6\Hawaii\IMG_2682.JPG

We have also learnt about trade and the sort of products that the UK import and export. We played a trading game to highlight the inequalities of trade between rich and developing countries, and how Fair Trade helps to support farmers in less well-off countries.