Geography Summer 1 2021

Year 4:

In Geography this term, we have gained an understanding of longitude and latitude and have been able to use co-ordinates to find a country and city on a map. We have also been researching an African country, finding out its human and physical features as well as interesting facts and presenting this on a PowerPoint presentation as part of our Computing sessions.

Year 5:

In year 5 we have been doing a local area study of the Norfolk Broads. We looked at where they are in England, and practised naming the counties in England. We then looked at the history of the Broads and how they were actually man-made by medieval peat diggers, before flooding when sea levels rose. Next we learnt how humans can also damage the Broads through eutrophication and even through tourism. Despite not being able to visit the Broads this year, the children still produced a lovely fact sheet to promote safe tourism.