Geography Summer 2021



The Reception children created story maps for the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

In Summer 2, Reception children found out about different continents, as part of the topic “Around the world”. When studying Europe, children looked at photographs of famous landmarks, were introduced to the countries in the UK, linked learning to the Euro 2020 football championships, and made flags.

Work on Antarctica included finding out about the climate and animals that live there, exploring google Earth to see what it looked like, exploring ice in the water tray, finding out facts using non fiction books, and playing with small world animals of Antarctica.

Year 1

Year one studied the topic “Our planet and beyond” in Spring 2 and Summer 1. They talked about the features of earth, including trees, rivers, seas, sky and clouds. Work also included investigating space.

Year 2

Year two studied the topic “Art around the world” in Spring 2, and the first half of the Summer term. They continued to build on knowledge of Antarctica from year one, considering how the animals adapt to the climate, then packed a back pack for the journey. Sessions included finding out about Africa, Australasia, South and North America, and Egypt. Children completed a variety of activites, including listening to the sounds in the Amazon rainforest and drawing what they heard. Once the topic was complete, children recorded their learning, as shown below.