Geography Summer Term 2019

Early Years

In Nursery the children have been developing their knowledge and understanding of the world by visiting Church Farm, Stow Bardolph. They learnt about a farm and the animals that live there. They talked about their journey and the time it took to get there.

During independent learning time, some children created their own maps of special places. One child made a treasure map which included x marks the spot, lollipop trees, mountains covered in chocolate and a pond full of mermaids!

A nursery child talked about family living in New Zealand, which they knew was a long way away. They looked for New Zealand and the UK on the globe with a member of staff and discussed climate and the animals living there. They also talked about penguins living in Antarctica ‘down the bottom!’

Year 1

Year one visited Holkham Hall and explored a completely new environment!  They looked at the Field to Fork exhibition and learnt about farming through time in Norfolk. They saw lots of different products that are made from crops that are grown at Holkham.  The children also learnt about the park and the deer that live there.

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning to use their Geography skills by taking part in fieldwork in the school grounds.  They have been using simple compass directions and locational and directional language to describe the location of features on a map.