History Autumn 2021


Reception children undertook activities linked to bonfire night at the beginning of November. Activities included discussing experiences of bonfire night, watching videos of the celebration, finding out about firework safety, and creating firework pictures.

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H:\Subject leadership\Geography\bonfire.jpg

Year 1

During the topic ‘Winter Wonderland’ the children learnt about Robert Falcon Scott and how his team tried several times to reach the South Pole. The children learnt that he recorded his travels in a diary, his ship got stuck in ice for 20 days and that unfortunately they did not make it home from the South Pole. The children enjoyed learning about how his team put a British flag at the South Pole when they finally arrived but were disappointed that another team had beaten Robert Falcon Scott’s team. After lots of class discussion, the children were keen to record their learning onto fact sheets. They used what they had learnt and their knowledge from the geography lesson to record full sentences.

Year 2

Norwich’s Past

Year 2 children have learnt about life in Norwich in the past. They studied the cathedral and castle in Norwich. Lessons included looking at artefacts relating to Norwich’s past, comparing old and new landmarks in Norwich, and finding out about castles and how they were defended.

The children participated in a Medieval Day. They came to school in medieval costumes, including Lords, Ladies, knights, maids and jesters. Janet Marshall came into school to complete Edith Cavell workshops. Janet introduced herself as Edith Cavell, telling the children about her life as a nurse and what she did during the war.

Year two also looked at the significant person William the Conquerer.

Night time

As part of our topic Night time the children have learnt about a significant person from the past, Guy Fawkes.  The children wrote about who Guy Fawkes was and why he is an important historical person.

They picked some items that Guy Fawkes might have used in 1605 and described how he would have used them. They then explained the difference between objects that Guy Fawkes could have used, compared with what he might have used today.


Remembrance Day

To introduce Remembrance Day, years one and two had a special visit from Janet Marshall on Wednesday 10th November. She spoke about memories, how some are happy and some are sad, and how we remember things. She also discussed the life of a soldier.

Remembrance Day was marked across the federation in all year groups. The children learnt about and discussed the importance of the day, and took part in a two minute silence at 11am. The Reception children spent time during the day creating and making their own poppies to take home. During the infant assemblies, the children were shown a short animation designed to explain Remembrance Day to younger children.