History Autumn Term 2019

Early Years

The Reception children have been encouraged to talk about any significant past events in their or other people’s lives.  Their interactions with other children and adults have been observed and noted on Tapestry (the online and interactive Learning Story used in Early Years).  The children were involved with Remembrance Day proceedings, including making their own poppies.

Year 1

During the topic ‘Winter Wonderland’ the children learnt about a significant person from the past, Robert Falcon Scott.  They talked about why Robert Falcon Scott is significant, why he went to the Antarctic and thought of reasons for and against Robert Falcon Scott going to the Antarctic.

Year 2

Night time

As part of our topic Night time the children have learnt about a siginificant person from the past, Guy Fawkes.  The children wrote about who Guy Fawkes was and why he is an important historical person.

They picked some items that Guy Fawkes might have used in 1605 and described how he would have used them. They then explained the difference between objects that Guy Fawkes could have used, compared with what he might have used today.

Medieval Norwich

Year 2 children have learnt about life in medieval times. Lessons included looking at artefacts relating to Norwich’s past, comparing old and new landmarks in Norwich, and finding out about castles and how they were defended.

Children participated in a medieval day. They had the opportunity to practise lots of different skills which were used in a castle, including archery and jousting. They also got to make and taste a special stew.

In the afternoon our school hall was turned into a banquet hall.  The children dressed up as a member of the castle community. A lord and lady from each class sat on the top table and we ate bread, cheese and grapes together. Each class performed a medieval class dance for the other guests.