History Spring Term 2017

Early Years

During the Spring Term the children have been encouraged to reflect on Christmas and any other significant past events in their own lives or the lives of others.  Their interactions with other children and adults have been observed and noted on Tapestry, and some of these observations are shown below:


‘James was playing outside with the guttering and water. I said it looked a bit like a waterfall. James told me that he had seen a waterfall on his holiday in Cyprus. We used the internet to look at the map of Cyprus and took a closer look at photos of waterfalls in Cyprus. I asked James if he knew how waterfalls were made. James wasn’t sure, so we looked this up too.’


‘When looking through a book about space Sophia and I were trying to look for the word astronaut on a page. She pointed out the word Armstrong. I told Sophia that although it didn’t say astronaut it was the name of an astronaut and asked if she would like to find out more about him. We looked on the computer and found out that Neil Armstrong was American and was the first man on the moon. We saw a picture of him placing an American flag on the moon and watched a video clip of him walking on the moon.’

Key Stage 1

Year 1:

During the topic of ‘Space’ the children have learnt about the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova.  They have also learnt about Albert, the first monkey who went into space and Laika, the first dog who went into space.

During the lessons the children found out about significant dates in the history of Space travel and they ordered these dates chronologically on a class timeline which formed part of the topic display in each classroom.

As part of the Home Learning the children were encouraged to find out more information and this was displayed in their classrooms.

Some of the children worked independently to draw someone who went into space and write a sentence about what happened.  Here are some examples:

Year 2:

During the topic of ‘Air, Land and Sea’ the children have learnt about Lord Admiral Nelson.  They found out about important dates in his life and then created their own timeline.  Some of the children were able to expand on the information and wrote more facts for each date.  Here are some examples: