History Summer Term 2017

Early Years

The children have been encouraged to talk about any significant past events in their or other people’s lives.  Their interactions with other children and adults have been observed and noted on Tapestry (the online and interactive Learning Story used in Early Years).  Some of the observations are shown below:

‘Today we went to the Sealife Centre. We had lots of fun and saw lots of different sea creatures. We touched star fish, sat in a submarine to see the rays and collected stamps to get our badges at the end. The best bit was walking through a big see through tunnel under the water at went through a big tank of sharks. We chose big shark toys in the shop and had ice creams after. It was very tiring so I had a sleep on the way home cuddling my new hammerhead shark.’ (Sam Wellbelove told his friends in Nursery)

Rowan filled a jug with sand and said it was a castle. He drew around it and said that it was to stop people getting to the castle. I wondered if he knew the name of that part of the castle. Rowan was unsure; I explained that it was called a moat. We looked on the computer at images of different castles with moats and bridges. Rowan then used some blocks to create a bridge over his moat. Rowan told me that he had been to a castle that had a moat. (Rowan Tuck interacting with a member of staff in Nursery)

Year 1

During the topic of ‘Step back in time’ the children have experienced washing clothes as they would have done in the Victorian times and visited Holkham Hall.  They started the topic by doing a mind map of all the things they already know about stepping back in time.


Washing the Victorian way

The children experienced what it would have been like to wash their clothes in Victorian times.  They took turns to have a go at each stage and hung the clothes on the line to dry.  This was an excellent way to show the children how things have changed over the years and how lucky we are nowadays to have machines to help us.

Holkham Hall

As part of the topic ‘Step back in time’ Year 1 have been on a trip to Holkham Hall.  They looked around the great hall and held some Victorian artefacts.  They learnt about a typical Victorian day and dressed up in some very old clothes.  All the children had a fantastic time and their learning was brought to life with such an interesting first-hand experience.

Year 2

During the topic of ‘Art around the world’ the children have learnt about the lives of Andy Warhol, Wassily Kandinsky and Claude Monet.  They also found out about Aboriginal art and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.