History Summer Term 2019

Early Years

The children have been encouraged to talk about any significant past events in their or other people’s lives.  Their interactions with other children and adults have been observed and noted on Tapestry (the online and interactive Learning Story used in Early Years).  They have explored artefacts during a visit to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum.

Year 1

During the topic of ‘Step back in time’ the children have talked about the similarities and differences today compared to Victorian times. This topic included a visit to Holkham Hall and participating in a Victorian wash day.

Year one have also looked at famous inventors in history, including Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.

Victorian Wash Day

The children experienced what it would have been like to wash their clothes in Victorian times.  They took turns to have a go at each stage and hung the clothes on the line to dry.  This was an excellent way to show the children how things have changed over the years and how lucky we are nowadays to have machines to help us.

Year 2

During the topic of ‘Art around the world’ has looked at the children have learnt about the life of a variety of artists such as Kandinsky and Andy Warhol and the impact they had on art history.  In the lessons they also created art in the style of these artists.

The children have also had the opportunity to learn about the history of art in other countries such as Australia and Egypt. They have seen and recreated aboriginal art and Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as performing their own version of the Haka after learning about the Maori people from New Zealand.