KS 2 Summer 2022 Music

A very busy time for Music!

Summer saw the start of the Year 3 lunchtime ocarina club which gave some children a chance to experience these lovely little instruments which they had been unable to play at the in Year 2 due to Covid restrictions. Happily, ocarinas are back in use now in Year 2 and next year the children will build on their learning with a term of ocarina playing at the start of Year 3!

Children have continued to learn from the New English Model Curriculum, across the year groups using our online resource ‘Charanga’ as well as whole class instrument learning. The Year 3s are becoming more and more proficient ukulele players and playing a range of 3 chord songs. Year 6 students were able to try their hand at Samba drumming using a range of traditional percussion instruments to explore the rhythms of Brazil – Bateria Vai!

Summer also sees our Toft-o-vision Song Contest with each class vying to give us the best vocal and visual performance.

All classes were able to join in with this year’s Virtual Big Sing coming together with other schools across the county to join in singing some much loved Musical hits!