KS2 RE Summer Term Report

Across the year groups, the children have been asking a “Big Question” about a particular faith or world view and learning more about it to answer their question.

Year 3

This half term we investigated the beliefs of Islam. We focussed heavily on the five pillars of Islam and the commitment Muslims make to prayer each day and their pilgrimage. 

Year 4

This half term we have been focussing on Hinduism. The children have really enjoyed looking at karma and how Hindu’s believe they can receive good and bad karma. We also have considered the difference between right and wrong and how our opinions on this may differ from others. During this unit the children were particularly fascinated by the idea of reincarnation and many thought it was a nice idea that Hindu’s believe in.

Year 5

We looked at Christianity through art and music, looking at stained glass windows, art and sculpture. The children responded through poetry and creating illuminated letters and designing El Salvador crosses to show how they wanted to represent their idea of hope.

Year 6

During the first half of the summer term, year 6 have been learning about how the Islamic religion has influenced art, architecture and learning across the world. The children were fascinated to learn that the number system we use is the one introduced in Baghdad over 1000 years ago, and that many of the medical practices and instruments in use today were also introduced by the scholars then too. We have looked at the concepts behind the Islamic patterns found on many buildings and learnt that many patterns in Islam follow geometric designs to encourage meditation on the infinity of God. The children also enjoyed creating their own repeating geometric patterns in the Islamic style.