Maths Week England 2022

At the start of the week the children had an assembly all about how we use Maths in our everyday lives. We introduced the theme for Maths Week England, which was ‘Power of 2’ and talked about some of the exciting things that would be happening during the week!

All of the children enjoyed the week and were enthusiastic about the Maths activities they took part in. The children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were extremely delighted to win first place in the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Origami Competition. The prize is a video call from an astronaut, which is really exciting!

Year 1

During Maths Week the children in year 1 enjoyed taking part in the snowflake challenge, which involved using only paper straws to create their snowflake. They weren’t limited to how many straws or what size straws they could use and just like real life snowflakes, all the snowflakes made were unique in design, size and pattern.


They also enjoyed taking part in a codebreaker challenge at the start of each maths lesson, which unlocked 2 code words; Marathon and Football. As well as this the children enjoyed reading a range of maths related stories during Storytime including, ‘One Potato, 2 Potato’ and ‘How many legs?’. Due to the focus of this year’s Maths Week being ‘Power of 2’, some of the children also enjoyed watching Numberblocks episode ‘The Terrible Twos’!


Year 2

Year 2 really enjoyed Maths Week! During our daily Maths lessons we solved a problem of the day, including making matching numbers with Numicon and mirroring shapes with our bodies.

P:\Photos for Evidence\Maths\22-23\Year 2\Maths week\IMG_8142.JPG

We learnt all about snowflakes and used their mathematical skills to create giant snowflakes in groups.

We took part in the TTRS competition and enjoyed contributing to our class score! We completed a codebreaker task by solving different maths problems and letter that was on the card containing that answer!


We also enjoyed listening to stories with different mathematical themes and singing maths songs, including a counting in 2s song!

Year 3

During Maths week, Year 3 studied a daily maths-based problem. Our favourite one has been a set of calculations where a set of shapes represent different numbers. We had to use logical thinking and our knowledge of multiplication to work out which number was represented by each shape!

We also worked really hard to make origami stars, it really helped us learn about the names of 2D shapes, such as pentagons and right-angled triangles! We also used Timestable Rockstars to help us practice our 3 times and 4 times tables.

Year 4

For Maths week, Year 4 had a go at some of the challenges on the official Maths Week website. The children really enjoyed putting their maths knowledge to the test with a variety of questions. They particularly enjoyed playing a problem-solving game of cops and robbers and trying to catch the robber in the least possible moves. We also made some origami rockets as part of a competition run by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form. The children worked incredibly hard on them and showed great resilience and determination! Some children even requested the link be sent home so that they could have another go!

P:\image (1).png

Year 5

Year 5 had a marvellous Maths Week! The children really enjoyed the challenge of constructing an origami planet, for some it was the first time that they had tried origami. Each planet was then decorated in a wide range of ways, many involved touches of glitter!

Each class signed up and took part in the TTRockstar challenge, well done to RL5 who were the worthy winners in the year group.

Throughout the week, the children completed daily Flash back 4 questions and attempted many problem solving activities.

Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed exploring the ‘Power of 2’ as the focus for Maths Week England 2022. The children completed the daily problems that were provided by the Maths Week England website. Some of them certainly took a lot of thinking, particularly the dominoes problem! We also took part in the TTRS competition by completing times tables questions in class. Some of the children also took part at home to contribute towards their class score.