Maths Week England 2023

At the start of the week the children had an assembly all about how we use Maths in our everyday lives. We introduced the theme for Maths Week England, which was ‘3 is a magic number’ and talked about some of the exciting things that would be happening during the week!


In Reception during maths week the children explored triangles within their provision. They used their cutting skills to cut out different triangle shaped characters and decorated them at the making table. The children looked at a range of triangles and tried to match them to their outline. We also enjoyed reading the story ‘The Greedy Triangle’.

Year 1
The children were so excited to complete the tasks for Maths Week! We were learning about 2D shape this week and the children made lots of connections to the theme and a triangle having 3 sides and 3 corners. They thought carefully about the orientation of shapes and as a class we tessellated the triangles they decorated to make a larger triangle.

Year 2

Year 2 really enjoyed Maths Week! During our daily Maths lessons we solved a problem of the day, including making 3 in as many different ways as possible and finding 3 around the classroom.

We learnt about tessellations and how equilateral triangles can be tessellated to make a giant triangle. As part of our early morning work each day, the children decorated triangles, cut them out and added them to our class tessellation which was shared with the other classes in the year group at the end of the week.

We also enjoyed listening to stories with different mathematical themes and singing maths songs, including a counting in 3s song!

Year 3

For Maths Week in Year 3, we have been exploring the number 3 itself and how we can it can be seen or found in a variety of ways. We operated a carousel between the three classrooms, with each class visiting a different teacher to complete an activity about the number 3!

In LM3, the children had an exciting activity to count triangles. The children were surprised to find that it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared, as there were several ways triangles could be formed aside from the obvious individual ones.

In CT3, the children drew large triangles in their books and listed all things with three sides that they could think of – pizza slices, tortilla chips and coat hangers were just some of the excellent ideas they could think of!

Finally, in HP3, the children drew all of the triangular objects they could think of or see around the classroom onto their coloured sugar paper, to make some lovely posters to go on display!

Year 4

For this year’s maths week we explored the number 3! We used resources and puzzles during our maths starters to challenge ourselves with our 3 tables. The children made links between the 3, 6 and 9 times tables and used this knowledge to support answering questions. They also had fun learning and performing times tables songs. The children particularly loved the Taylor Swift version of ‘Shake it Off’ which taught them their 6’s.

Year 5

The children enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in the”3 is a magic number” competition. They also enjoyed some of the puzzle posters, which challenged them to think logically, work methodically and demonstrate their resilience.

Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed exploring ‘three is the magic number’ as the focus for Maths Week England 2023. The children completed the daily challenges that were provided by the Maths Week England website. Some of them certainly took a lot of thinking, particularly the socks problem! We also took part in the TTRS competition by completing times tables questions in class. Some of the children also took part at home to contribute towards their class score.